Abstract for: A Flight Simulator for Sea Port Capacity Improvement: A Case Study of Rajaee Port of Iran

In this paper we introduce an Integrated Port Capacity Dynamics Model (IPCDM), for evaluating development scenarios of SHAHID RAJAEE commercial port which is located in north shore of Persian Gulf. The model consists of six interlinked modules, allowing an integrated assessment of policy scenarios. Applying the data sets of SHAHID RAJAEE port in year 2014, IPCDM indicates that the port of SHAHID RAJAEE is not ready for handling more than 3.56 million TEU per year. Four policy scenarios for improving the port capacity of handling container cargo have been analyzed: an improvement in berth, port equipment, yard spaces and the port gate. The results reveal the advantage of equipment improvement to the others. It should be considered these scenarios were not based on any technical and financial research and just employed to represent the applicability of the model for port management. It also shows System Dynamics tremendous capabilities in solving complex issues. Based on usefulness of the work for our client, Port and Maritime Organization of Iran (PMO), this approach has also been used for 6 other major ports of Iran and flight simulations by these IPCDMs are now a vital part of strategic planning procedure for PMO.