Conference Proceedings
The 24th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
July 23-27, 2006 Nijmegen, The Netherlands
ISBN 978-0-9745329-5-0

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PAPER INDEX - listed alphabetically by first author:

Adamides, Emmanuel   A system dynamics computer-based learning environment for the formulation of manufacturing strategy   Abstract Paper

Adamides, Emmanuel   Presentation of the Hellenic Chapter of the System Dynamics Society   Abstract

Affeldt, John   The Application of System Dynamics Simulation to Volatile System Management   Abstract Paper

Akcam, Bahadir with Anthony Cresswell and David Andersen   Testing a Generic Dynamic Theory of Collaboration in the World Trade Center Case   Abstract

Alborzi, Mahmood   Implanting Neural Network Elements in System Dynamics Models to Surrogate Rate and Auxiliary Variables   Abstract Paper

Altamirano, Mónica   Modeling the Evolution of National Road Procurement Strategies   Abstract Paper

An, Lianjun   Using System Dynamics Modeling for Conditioning Process in Supply Chain   Abstract

Anderson, Edward   A Preliminary System Dynamics Model of Insurgency Management: The Anglo-Irish War of 1916-21 as a Case Study   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ansah, John   Causal Analyses: Debt and Structural Adjustment Programme   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano with Moreno Angelini, Alessandro Nanni and Fabrizio Baldoni   Securitization of future credits in a Public Administrations tax-collection process: a System Dynamics approach   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano with Habib Sedehi and Alessandro Saullo   Dynamic Skill Based Routing: a System Dynamics approach to a Policy Definition in Call Center Management   Abstract Paper Supporting

Arquitt, Steven   An application of Saeed’s environmental mitigation banking model: restoring coastal mangroves in Thailand   Abstract Paper

Arthur, Daniel   Comparing parameter estimation methods for service-based diffusion models   Abstract Paper

Assuad, Carla with Erling Moxnes   CO2 Taxes or Tradable Quotas, Experimental Evidence of Biased Decision   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bakken, Bent Erik   Dynamic Decision Research: From Mis- to Right Perceptions   Abstract

Bakken, Bjørn with Morten Ruud   Hierarchy or Network in Military Command Organizations? Preliminary Results from Experiments with the NCW Learning Lab   Abstract Paper

Barlas, Yaman   Model validity and testing in system dynamics: Two specific tools   Abstract

Barton, John with Tim Haslett   Fresh Insights into System Dynamics Methodology - Developing an abductive inference perspective   Abstract Paper

Bartoszczuk, Pawel   System Dynamics Economic Model with Fossil and Renewable Energy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bassi, Andrea   Modeling U.S. Energy with Threshold 21   Abstract Paper

Bayer, Steffen with David Gann   Innovation and the dynamics of capability accumulation in project-based organisations   Abstract Paper

Beall, Allyson with Andrew Ford and Len Zeoli   Participatory Modeling of Endangered Wildlife Systems: Simulating the Sage-grouse and Land Use in Central Washington   Abstract Paper

Bean, Michael   Creating Multiplayer Online Simulation Games   Abstract

Bernardi, Chiara   The sustainability of museum growth: a system dynamics approach   Abstract Paper

Bianchi, Carmine with Giovan Battista Montemaggiore   Building “Dynamic” Balanced Scorecards To Enhance Strategy Design And Planning In Public Utilities   Abstract Paper

Bivona, Enzo   Investigating how Intellectual Capital policies in a Telecom Call-Center affect Company Performance: a System Dynamics approach   Abstract

Black, Laura with Don Greer and Richard Adams   Reducing Cross-Organization "Disconnects" in Large Space System Development Programs   Abstract Paper

Borshchev, Andrei with Timofei Popkov   Getting Started with AnyLogic Software and Agent Based Modeling   Abstract Paper Supporting Link

Bosshardt, Mathias with Silvia Ulli-Beer, Fritz Gassmann and Alexander Wokaun   Conceptualising the main micro processes of technological change in the Swiss car fleet   Abstract Paper

Boyer, Jeffrey   An improved model of the dynamic behavior of a zero-to-landfill strategy for consumer products   Abstract Paper

Boyer, Jeffrey   Business SIG - System Dynamics at Work   Abstract

Bradl, Peter   Strategic Enterprise Planning – Which Role does System Dynamics Play? A Survey   Abstract

Buendia, Fernando   Expansion Economies   Abstract Paper

Campbell, Deborah   SDS Membership Roundtable   Abstract

Cappelli, Dawn with Akash Desai, Andrew Moore, Timothy Shimeall, Elise Weaver and Bradford Willke   Management and Education of the Risk of Insider Threat (MERIT)   Abstract Paper

Ceresia, Francesco   The Retirement and Early Retirement Behaviour in Italy: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Chaim, Ricardo   Combining System Dynamics and Asset-Liability Management in Pension Funds   Abstract Paper Supporting

Chen, Jin with Ling Zhu, Kailiang Wu, Qingrui Xu and Xice Sun   System Dynamics Modeling Of All Element Innovation   Abstract Paper

Chirico, Francesco   Knowledge, Dynamic Capabilities and Family Inertia in Family Business: A Computational Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Cloutier, Martin with Suzie Boudreau   Organizational Culture and the Adoption of Virtual Practice Communities for Business Network Development   Abstract

Cloutier, Martin with Niranjan Calindi   Strengthening Intellectual Property rights in Biotechnology Innovation: Learning from a System Dynamics Synthesis   Abstract

Contestabile, Marcello   The Possible Future Development of a Market for PEM Fuel Cell Road Vehicles – A SD Based Analysis within an EC Funded Project   Abstract Paper

Crespo Marquez, Adolfo   A structured approach for the assessment of system availability and reliability using continuous time Monte Carlo simulation   Abstract Link

Crespo Marquez, Adolfo   Maintenance Policies for Capacity Constrained production Systems   Abstract Link

Cronin, Matthew with Cleotilde Gonzalez and John Sterman   Difficulties Understanding System Dynamics: A Challenge to Researchers, Educators, and Citizens   Abstract

Cumenal, Didier   Efficiency and Dynamics of the Organizations: Innovation and Decline   Abstract Paper

Dangerfield, Brian   A System Dynamics Model for Economic Planning in Sarawak   Abstract Paper

Dangerfield, Brian with Rod Brown   UK Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract

Dattee, Brice with Özge Pala   System Dynamics PhD Colloquium   Abstract

Deegan, Michael   Defining the Policy Space for Disaster Management: A System Dynamics Approach to U.S. Flood Policy Analysis   Abstract Paper

Demirel, Guven   Aggregated and Disaggregated Modeling Approaches to Multiple Agent Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dhawan, Rajat with Marcus O'Connor and Mark Borman   Mental Models and Dynamic Decision Making: An Experimental Approach for Testing System Methodologies   Abstract Paper

do Nascimento, Niraldo with Leonardo Reis and Aldo Zagonel   Brazilian Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract

Dogan, Gökhan with John Sterman   “I'm not hoarding, I’m just stocking up before the hoarders get here”   Abstract Paper

Dordzhieva, Oxana with Mats Svensson   Preventing desertification and achieving sustainability in the Black Lands, Kalmykia, Russia: a system analysis approach   Abstract Paper

Duggan, Jim   A Comparison of Petri Net and System Dynamics Approaches for Modelling Dynamic Feedback Systems   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dvornik, Josko with Ante Munitic and Merica Sliskovic   System Dynamics Model of the Croatia with Inbuilt War Situation 1953 - 2033   Abstract Paper

Dvornik, Josko with Ante Munitic, Eli Marusic and Merica Sliskovic   Simulation Modelling of Marinas and Heuristic Optimisation of Business in Relation to Investments in Sports Objects   Abstract Paper

Dyner, Isaac   SD for Assessing the diffusion of wind power in Latin America: The Colombian case   Abstract Paper

Eberlein, Robert with Thomas Fiddaman and Seth Cordes   Getting Started with Vensim   Abstract Link

Egner, Joanne with Karim Chichakly and Peter Lacey   Getting Started with STELLA and iThink   Abstract Paper Supporting

Elias, Arun   Environmental Conflicts, Stakeholders and a Shared Mental Model   Abstract Paper

Ellison, Jim with Thomas Corbet   Modeling the Effects of the Single-Hull Tanker Phase-out on the World Oil Tanker Market   Abstract Paper Supporting

Eskinasi, Martijn with Eppie Fokkema   Lessons learned from unsuccessful modeling interventions   Abstract Paper

Fincher, Stephanie with Krystyna Stave   Managing PM10 in the Las Vegas Valley   Abstract Paper

Fisher, Diana with Debra Lyneis and Lees Stuntz   System Dynamics Lessons for K-12 Students   Abstract

Fisher, Diana   Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course   Abstract

Flett, Fred   The Dynamics of Innovation and Product Platform Development: A Case Study in Hybrid Electric Vehicles   Abstract Paper Supporting

Flury, Christian with Birgit Kopainsky   Modelling the Liberalisation of Market Access   Abstract Paper

Ford, Andrew with Allyson Beall and Len Zeoli   Participatory Modeling for Adaptive Management: Reports from the Field   Abstract Paper

Ford, Andrew   Simulating Carbon Markets in the Western US and Canada   Abstract Paper

Forrest, Jay   Revisiting Classic Energy Models for Evolutionary System Insights   Abstract Paper

Frances, Carol with Michael S. Kennedy   Education SIG Special Poster Session   Abstract

Franco, Carlos Jaime with Isaac Dyner   Assessing the impact of energization in the Colombian Southwest: a case of application using System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Frotjold, Laila   MindLab: A Flexible Framework for Training Decision-Making   Abstract Paper

Galindo, Jorge   Virtual Software Project Dynamics - The Human Resource Management Sector   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gallati, Justus with Bakyt Askaraliev, Daniel Maselli and Peter Niederer   Towards a System Dynamics Framework for Understanding Interactions of Head- and Tail-Users in Irrigation Systems in Kyrgyzstan   Abstract Paper

Gary, Shayne with Robert Wood   Developing Flexible Expertise in Senior Executives   Abstract

Gary, Shayne   Australasian Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract

Gassmann, Fritz with Silvia Ulli-Beer   Acceptance Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Georgantzas, Nicholas   Hard-disk makers’ overshoot rooted in disruptive innovation   Abstract Paper Supporting

George, Ajish with Ryan Taylor   A Systems Theory of Small-Cell Lung Cancer   Abstract Paper Supporting

Goncalves, Paulo with Feryal Erhun and Jay Holman   Moving from Risks to Opportunities: A Process to Manage New Product Transitions   Abstract Paper

Goncalves, Paulo   Eigenvalue and Eigenvector Analysis of Linear Dynamic Systems   Abstract Paper

Gonzalez, Jose   Security SIG Special Poster Session   Abstract

Gonzalez, Jose with Graham Winch   Coming to Terms with Traffic Congestion   Abstract Paper

Groesser, Stefan   Development of a Group Model Building Framework   Abstract Paper Link

Groesser, Stefan   Multi-Perspective Reflections about Interactive Learning Environments   Abstract Paper

Groesser, Stefan with Silvia Ulli-Beer and Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh   Diffusion Dynamics of Energy-Efficient Innovations in the Residential Building Environment   Abstract Paper

Groessler, Andreas   System Dynamics Projects That Failed to Make an Impact   Abstract Paper

Guneralp, Burak with George Gertner   Feedback loop dominance analysis of two tree mortality models   Abstract Paper

Guneralp, Burak with Brice Dattee   Student Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract Link

Hadjis, Andreas with George Papageorgiou   Combining Relativism with Logic and Empirical Knowledge: Integration of PIMS with System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Hillen, Stefanie with Finn Sveen and Jose Gonzalez   Using Dynamic Stories to Communicate Information Security   Abstract Paper

Hirsch, Gary with Geoff McDonnell   Special Convened Session: Dynamics of Health Reform   Abstract Paper

Hirsch, Gary   Designing Simulation-Based Learning Environments: Helping People Understand Complex Systems   Abstract Paper

Hirsch, Gary   Expanding Health Coverage and Access for the Uninsured: A Model of Common Factors in the Experience of Several States   Abstract Paper

Hirsch, Gary   A Generic Model of Contagious Disease and Its Application to Human-to-Human Transmission of Avian Influenza   Abstract Paper

Ho, Yufeng with Chienhao Lu and Hsiao-Shen Wang   Dynamic model for earthquake disaster prevention system: a case study of Taichung City, Taiwan   Abstract Paper

Hollmann, Maik   System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation of Distributed Generation for the Analysis of a Future Energy Supply   Abstract Paper

Homer, Jack with Bobby Milstein   Obesity Population Dynamics: Exploring Historical Growth and Plausible Futures in the U.S.   Abstract Paper

Homer, Jack with Roderick MacDonald   Special Session: Sixth Annual Modeling Assistance Workshop   Abstract Paper

Hopper, Megan with Krystyna Stave   Comparing the Effectiveness of System Dynamics with Traditional Methods of Learning about Wetland Ecosystems   Abstract Paper

Hovmand, Peter with David Gillespie   Dynamics of Innovation Implementation in Social Service Organizations   Abstract Paper

Hsu, Chao-Li with Hsiao-Shen Wang and Sue-Jen Chen   Applying A Value-Added Systems Thinking Model to Construct A Professional Development Program on ARTS Education   Abstract

Hsueh, Joe with Gökhan Dogan and John Sterman   Teaching Strategic Management with the Industry Evolution Management Flight Simulator   Abstract Paper

Jarzynka, Karen with George Richardson   Low Income Housing in the Context of Jay Forrester’s Urban Dynamics: A Lesson in Framing   Abstract Paper Supporting

Jensen, Eva with Agata Sawicka   What is the Use of Basic Dynamic Tasks?   Abstract Paper

Jia, Renan with Xiaojing Jia   The Analysis of Newly Gained Feedback Loops after Introducing the Grade-Salary Incitement to HR Management System   Abstract Paper

Johnson, Scott with Tim Taylor and David Ford   Using System Dynamics to Extend Real Options Use: Insights from the Oil & Gas Industry   Abstract Paper Supporting

Johnson, Scott with David Peterson   Project of the Future Vision: Using System Dynamics to Achieve ‘Model-in-Loop’ Project Planning & Execution   Abstract Paper

Juerging, Jan with Peter Milling   Manufacturing start-ups in the automobile industry   Abstract Paper

Jung, Thomas with Jürgen Strohhecker   Risk Adjusted Pricing Strategies for the Corporate Loans Business – Do They Really Create Value?   Abstract Paper

Kaggwa, Martin with Jaspers Steyn and Anastassios Pouris   South Africa’s Motor Industry Development Programme: A Case for System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Kapmeier, Florian   Research Based on Two Pillars: Combining Qualitative Empirical Social Research and Simulation in Strategic Management   Abstract Paper

Karanfil, Özge   A Dynamic Simulator for the Management of Disorders of the Body Water Metabolism (Dana Meadows Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kasperidus, Hans with Hanno Langfelder and Peter Biber   Comparing Systems Thinking Inventory Task Performance in German Classrooms at High School and University Level   Abstract Paper

Kasperska, Elzbieta with Elwira Mateja-Losa   Extended Sensitivity Analysis of Parameters and Structure in System Dynamics Models - Some Case Study   Abstract Paper

Kasperska, Elzbieta with Damian Slota  Parallel Dual Problem of Optimization Embedded in Some Model Type System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Keller, Scott   Simulations and Insights From The Enterprise Sales Learning Curve   Abstract Paper

Kennedy, Michael S.   A System Dynamics Model of an ERP Application Designed to Produce a Transformation of IS Business Processes   Abstract

Khan, Naeem with Alan McLucas   Development of a Strategic System Dynamics Model of Dryland Salinity   Abstract Paper

Kim, Hyunjung   Implication of the Dynamic Decision Making Research on the Monetary Policy Making at the Federal Reserve   Abstract Paper

Kim, Jongtae with Sang Hyun Park, Sook-hee Kim and Sang-Wook Kim   On Building a Dynamic BSC Model for Strategic Performance Measurement in Public Sector   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kljajic Borstnar, Mirjana with Andrej Skraba, Miroljub Kljajic and Davorin Kofjac   Group Learning Supported by Simulation model an Experiment Design   Abstract Paper

Koblov, Andrey with Vladimir Shiryaev and Alexander Blinov   Applying Models to Forecast Mobile Service Market Development   Abstract Paper

Kolacek, Libor   Price Trends Dynamic Model of Housing Premises Rent   Abstract Paper Supporting

Komanapalli, Golda with Michael S. Kennedy   Representing Logic/Reasoning in System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper

Kong, Hee-kyung with Tae-Sung Kim   The dynamic analysis of Investment Information   Abstract Paper

Kopainsky, Birgit   Model based development of criteria for the evaluation of rural development initiatives   Abstract

Kopainsky, Birgit with Thomas Beck   Swiss Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract Paper Link

Kunc, Martin   Achieving Balanced Organisational Structure In Professional Services Firms: Some Lessons From a Modelling For Learning Project   Abstract

Kunc, Martin with John Morecroft   Business Dynamics for Strategic Development   Abstract Paper

Kunze, Jonas with Yalin Gündüz   Decision Patterns and Information Availability in the Beer Distribution Game   Abstract Paper

Kurebayashi, Rintaro with Nathaniel Osgood and Sharon Gillett   Dynamic Analysis of the Long-Distance Telecom Bubble   Abstract Paper

Lane, David   System Dynamics and Operational Research: Common foundations and new developments   Abstract

Langheim, Richard   Using Webquests & STELLA with Preservice Teachers   Abstract Supporting

Lavigne, Jean-François with Martin Cloutier and Luc Cassivi   Modeling the Productivity Crisis in Pharmaceutical Research using System Dynamics   Abstract

Lee, BumSeo with Sang-Wook Kim and Jongtae Kim   Systems Thinking on the Dynamics of Knowledge Growth - A Proposal of Dynamic SECI Model   Abstract

Levine, Ralph   Psychology Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract

Lin, Chien-Liang with Wei Lo and Min-Ren Yan   Exploring Contractor’s Opportunistic Bidding Behavior and its Impacts on Construction Market   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lin, Jun   Overlapping in Distributed Product Development   Abstract Paper

Lorenz, Tobias with Andreas Jost   Towards an orientation framework in multi-paradigm modeling   Abstract Paper

Luna-Reyes, Luis with Oleg Pavlov   Information Science and Information Systems Special Interest Group (iSIG)   Abstract

Luna-Reyes, Luis   Trust and Collaboration in Interagency Information Technology Projects   Abstract Paper

Lyneis, James with Roberta Spencer   Prospective Conference Host Meeting   Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard   We’d rather not XMILE: model interchange standards and software competition   Abstract Paper Supporting

Malczynski, Leonard with Kristan Cockerill, Craig Forster and Howard Passell   Borders as Membranes: Metaphors and Models for Improved Policy in Border Regions   Abstract Paper Supporting

Mandal, Abhijit with Saikat Chaudhuri   Resource Allocation in Acquisitions: Tradeoffs Between Integration and Operations   Abstract Supporting

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Eliot Rich, Stephen Conrad, Thomas Stewart and David Andersen   Integrating Judgment and Outcome Decomposition: Exploring Outcome-based Learning Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Mashayekhi, Ali with Navid Ghaffarzadegan   Stock Market Fluctuations and the Impact of Socio-Economic Uncertainty on It   Abstract

Mashayekhi, Ali with Keyvan Vakili, Hamid Foroughi and Morteza Hadavandi   Supply Demand World (SDW): An Interactive Learning Environment for Teaching Microeconomics   Abstract Paper

Mazzuli, Fernando   Supporting the Decision Making Process of a Brazilian Apple Producer – A Challenge for the Owner   Abstract Paper

McDonnell, Geoff with Gary Hirsch, Jack Homer and Bobby Milstein   Health Policy SIG Special Poster Session   Abstract

McDonnell, Geoff with John Dewdney and Steven Tipper   Restoring the Balance: The Dynamics of Decline of China’s Health System with Economic Market Reforms   Abstract Paper

McDonnell, Geoff with John Dewdney   Exploring the Political and Economic Dimensions of Health Policy   Abstract Paper

McIntosh, Stephen with Brian Wilson   Soft Systems Methodology Today   Abstract

McLucas, Alan with David Lyell and Ben Rose   Defence Capability Management: Introduction Into Service of Multi-Role Helicopters   Abstract Paper

McLucas, Alan   A Modular Approach To System Dynamics Modelling Using Multi-Dimensional Arrays   Abstract

Mehmood, Arif   A strategic model for evaluating investment strategies to establish operational & financial sustainability of Pakistan Railways   Abstract Paper

Melhuish, James   Modeling Demonstration Workshop   Abstract

Melse, Eric   The Financial Accounting Model from a System Dynamics’ Perspective   Abstract Paper

Michnowski, Leslaw   World - Grid Type, Continuously Under-development - System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Miczka, Switbert   To TREND or not to: Comments on the representation of expectation formation processes in system dynamics   Abstract Paper

Miller, Robin with Ralph Levine, Kevin Khamarko, Maria Valenti and Miles Allen McNall   Recruiting Clients to a Community-Based HIV-Prevention Program: A Dynamic Model   Abstract Paper

Minnich, Dennis with Frank Maier   Supply Chain Responsiveness and Efficiency – Complementing or Contradicting Each Other?   Abstract Paper

Mollona, Edoardo with Manuela Presutti   A population ecology approach to capture dynamics of cluster evolution: Using computer simulation to guide empirical research   Abstract Paper

Moore, Andrew with Rohit Antao   Improving Management of Information Technology: System Dynamics Analysis of IT Controls in Context   Abstract Paper

Morecroft, John   Jay W. Forrester Award Ceremony   Abstract

Morrison, J. Bradley   Mining for Insights: Simulating the Dynamics of Process Improvement   Abstract

Moxnes, Erling   Individual transferable quotas versus auctioned seasonal quotas, an experimental investigation   Abstract Paper

Noorda, Gerard   Reducing the processing time in a civil case; a project conducted for the Dutch judiciary   Abstract Paper

Olaya, Camilo with Kristjan Ambroz   Wanted: Easy Riders. The Aging of the German Motorcycle Rider Population and its Implications on the Motorcycle Market   Abstract Paper

Ortiz, Adriana with Jose Mari Sarriegi and Javier Santos   Applying Modelling Paradigms to analyse Organisational problems   Abstract Paper

Osgood, Nathaniel   Low-Dimensional Dynamics in Agent-Based Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Osipenko, Leeza   Russian Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract

Osipenko, Leeza with Leon Bazil   System Dynamics Model of a New Prenatal Screening Technology   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ozolins, Gints with Juris Kalnins   Systems Thinking for Research and Development Policy Impact Assessment in Latvia   Abstract Paper

Park, Sang Hyun with Seung-Jun Yeon and Sang-Wook Kim   Building a Dynamic Manpower Planning Model: Focused on the Information Security Manpower Policy in Korea   Abstract Paper

Pasqualini, Donatella with Marc Witkowski, Perry Klare, Paolo Patelli and Catherine Cleland   A Model for a Water Potable Distribution System and its Impacts resulting from a Water Contamination Scenario   Abstract Paper

Pavlov, Oleg   Economic Roundtable   Abstract

Pavlov, Oleg   Economics Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract

Pedercini, Matteo   What's behind the blue arrow, the notion of causality in System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Perdicoulis, Anastássios   Environmental SIG Special Poster Session   Abstract

Perdicoulis, Anastássios   Environmental Roundtable   Abstract

Perez Salazar, Gloria with Ana Isabel Campa, Claudia Decanini, Johanna Altamar and Leyci Garcia   Auto parts industry in Mexico: future perspectives   Abstract

Phaff, Willem Geert with Jill Slinger, Burak Guneralp and Cornelia van Daalen   Investigating Model Behavioural Analysis: A Critical Examination of Two Methods   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pinsker, Eve with Carolyn Lopez   System Dynamics of the “Safety Net” and U.S. Health Care Reform: The View from an Urban Public Hospital   Abstract

Powell, Dennis with David Thompson and Ignacio Martinez-Moyano   Workshop on the Development of Large System Dynamics Projects   Abstract Paper

Prange, Florian   Do we ever halt when solving complex problems?   Abstract Paper

Provenzano, Davide with Francesco Andria   Tourism and Equilibrium Quantities: A dynamic perspective   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pruyt, Erik   System Dynamics and Decision-Making in the Context of Dynamically Complex Multi-Dimensional (Societal) Issues   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik   What is System Dynamics? A Paradigmatic Inquiry   Abstract Paper

Qian, Ying with Jose Gonzalez   Adapting Group Model Building Methods to Improve Information Security Data   Abstract Paper

Qudrat-Ullah, Hassan   Simulation-based Learning Environments in Service of Dynamic Decision Making   Abstract

Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem with Pål Davidsen   Estimation, Prediction and Policy Design for Population and Universal Primary Education in Pakistan   Abstract Paper Supporting

Radianti, Jaziar with Finn Sveen and Jose Gonzalez   Assessing Risks of Policies to Patch Software Vulnerabilities   Abstract Paper

Radzicki, Michael with Oleg Pavlov   Professor Pasinetti, the Trend & the Cycle   Abstract Paper

Radzicki, Michael   Presidential Address  Presentation

Radzicki, Michael with Oleg Pavlov   The Circular and Cumulative Structure of Administered Pricing   Abstract Paper

Rahn, R. Joel   Dana Meadows Award Ceremony   Abstract Paper

Rees, David   System Dynamics Modelling as a Tool in Healthcare Planning   Abstract Supporting

Rees, David with Graham Winch   Exploring the role of design in the performance of SME’s in the New Zealand furniture industry   Abstract

Richardson, George   Concept Models   Abstract Paper

Rockart, Scott with Will Mitchell   High Point or Hobgoblin? Consistency and Performance in Organizations   Abstract Paper

Rouwette, Etiënne   B2B Gathering (Business-to-Business Gathering)   Abstract

Rudolph, Uta   The Dynamics of Innovation in Networks: Analyzing Product and Technology Process for Market Complexes   Abstract Paper

Rwashana Semwanga, Agnes with Ddembe Williams   An Evaluation of Healthcare Policy in Immunisation Coverage in Uganda   Abstract Paper

Rydzak, Felicjan with Piotr Magnuszewski, Jan Sendzimir and Edward Chlebus   A Concept of Resilience in Production Systems   Abstract Paper

Ryzhenkov, Alexander   Controlling primary income distribution and employment under increasing returns   Abstract Paper Supporting

Saleh, Mohamed with Mohamed Loutfi, Alfredo Moscardini and Heba Abdel Fattah   Training Egyptian Middle Management On System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Saleh, Mohamed with Rogelio Oliva, Pål Davidsen and Christian Erik Kampmann   Eigenvalue Analysis of System Dynamics Models: Another Perspective   Abstract Paper Supporting

Saleh, Mohamed with Pål Davidsen and Heba Abdel Fattah   Modeling E-Material Supply Chain   Abstract Paper

Salge, Markus   Exploring Patterns of Process Improvement with a Generic Model   Abstract Paper

Sarah, Rod with Andrew O'Brien and Tim Haslett   Learning from Loops - Applying CLD to Identify Leverage Points as Organizational Learning   Abstract Paper

Sarica, Kemal with Yaman Barlas   Verifying System Dynamics Simulation Results by Analytical Phase Plane Tools   Abstract Paper Link

Sarriegi, Jose Mari with Javier Santos, José Manuel Torres, David Imizcoz and Angel Plandolit   Modeling Security Management of Information Systems: Analysis of a Ongoing Practical Case   Abstract Paper

Schade, Wolfgang with Michael Krail   Modeling and calibration of large scale system dynamics models: the case of the ASTRA model   Abstract Paper

Schaffernicht, Martin   Modifying the Beer Game to make its dynamic structure more salient   Abstract Paper

Schaffernicht, Martin   LaTina – An online system for teaching and learning stock-and-flow thinking skills   Abstract Paper

Schaffernicht, Martin with Isaac Dyner and Gloria Perez Salazar   Latin America Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract

Scheffran, Jurgen with Todd BenDor and Bruce Hannon  An Exploration of Competition and Cooperation Through a Multi-Agent Dynamic-Game Model of Fishery Management   Abstract Paper

Schild, Heinz   Traffic Shifts in a Comprehensive Truck Toll System, A Real-World Multi-Agent Based Simulation Case Study   Abstract Paper

Schmid, Lukas with Marcel Loher and Roland Waibel   Strategic Decisions in the Transition to Deregulated Markets   Abstract Paper Supporting

Scholz-Reiter, Bernd with Salima Delhoum   The Supply Net Game   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schwandt, Michael with Martin Schaffernicht   Peer Review Dialog (2006)   Abstract

Sedehi, Habib   Italian Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract

Sedehi, Habib   GAIM (Gestione Accoglienza IMmigrati): A System Dynamics Model for Immigration “housing” Management   Abstract Paper

Serrano, Maria Cristina with Gerly Carolina Ariza Zabala, Ricardo Sotaquirá, Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia and Lilia Nayibe From Individualistic to Collective Rationality in Simulation Games for Social Sustainability   Abstract Paper

Shakouri, Hamed with Zahra Esmaeeli and Asgar Sedighi   Investigation of pricing impact on the energy consumption behavior of the household sector by a system dynamics model   Abstract Paper

Shumarova, Elitsa with Paul Swatman   The Dynamics of Innovation in Electronic Networks - a System Dynamics Perspective on Sustainable IT Innovation   Abstract Paper

Sim, Mong Soon with Kah Wah Lai, Seow Buay Seah, Wai Gea Khoo, Chow Ying Lee and Kah Chee Yee   Simulating impacts of disruption in a network of chemical manufacturing plants and supporting infrastructures   Abstract Paper

Skraba, Andrej with Miroljub Kljajic, Davorin Kofjac, Matevz Bren and Mico Mrkaic   Cobweb Model in System Dynamics Form - Hyperincursive Perspective   Abstract Paper Supporting

Soo, Joyce with Mats Svensson   Sustainable Management of Shrimp Farming: A Case Study in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam   Abstract Paper Supporting

Soto-Torres, M. Dolores with Ramon Fernandez-Lechon   Feedback Processes in Economic Growth: Relations between Hours Worked and Labour Productivity   Abstract Paper Supporting

Stave, Krystyna with Michael Dwyer   Lessons from LUTAQ: Building systems thinking capacity into land use, transportation, and air quality planning in Las Vegas, NV   Abstract Paper

Struben, Jeroen   Alternative fuel vehicles turning the corner? A product lifecycle model with heterogeneous technologies   Abstract Paper

Struben, Jeroen   Identifying challenges for sustained adoption of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure   Abstract Paper

Struben, Jeroen with Cory Welch and John Sterman   Modeling the Spatial Co-Evolutionary Dynamics of Hydrogen Vehicles and Refueling Stations   Abstract

Stuntz, Lees   K-12 Open Discussion   Abstract

Susta, Marek   Modeling Serial Killer Development Theories   Abstract

Sveen, Finn with Ying Qian, Stefanie Hillen, Jaziar Radianti and Jose Gonzalez   A Dynamic Approach to Vulnerability and Risk Analysis of the Transition to eOperations   Abstract Paper

Syahril, Shanty with Muhammad Tasrif, A. Taufik Mukhith and Lucentezza Napitupulu   Group Model Building Intervention in Developing Country: Lesson Learned from Developing Strategies for Clean Air   Abstract Paper

Tabacaru, Mihaela   What We Don't Measure about Human Resources: Towards a Conceptual Framework for Analysing the Role of Soft Variables   Abstract Paper Supporting

Takahashi, Yutaka with Nobuhide Tanaka and Akira Uchino   Nomadic Beer Game on Computer Networks   Abstract Paper Supporting

Takahashi, Yutaka   Stock Flow Diagram Making with Incomplete Information about Time Properties of Variables   Abstract Paper

Takahashi, Yutaka with Toru Suetake and Norihiro Matsumoto   Japan Chapter Special Poster Session   Abstract

Tan, Burcu   A Dynamic Analysis of Long Term Impacts of Genetically Modified Crops   Abstract Paper Supporting

Thompson, James   Making Sense Of U.S. Health Care System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Tilebein, Meike   Principles of Emergence. A Generic Framework of Firms as Agent-Based Complex Adaptive Systems   Abstract Paper

Todd, David with Eric Wolstenholme, Dean Repper, David Monk and Douglas McKelvie   Reforming Mental Health Services in the UK - Using System Dynamics to support the change in depression services   Abstract

Toussaint, Pieter with Margaret Williamson, Geoff McDonnell and Øystein Nytro   Modeling the Communications Dimension of Clinical Work and Medication Errors   Abstract Paper

Trailer, Jeff   Introducing System Dynamics into your Strategy Capstone Course   Abstract

Trijssenaar, Anton   Jeu-de-Joule: a conceptual earthly energy model   Abstract Paper

Ulli-Beer, Silvia with Suzanne Bruppacher, Stefan Groesser, Stefanie Geisshusler, Matthias Mueller, Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh, Markus Schwaninger, Fran Ackermann, David Andersen, George Richardson, Roland Stulz and Ruth Kaufmann-Hayoz   Understanding and accelerating the diffusion process of energy-efficient buildings   Abstract Paper

Vaishnav, Chintan with Ali Khakifirooz and Martine Devos   Punishing by Rewards: When the Performance Bell-curve Stops Working For You   Abstract Paper Supporting

Van Den Durpel, Luc with Dave Wade and Abdellatif Yacout   DANESS: a system dynamics code for the holistic assessment of nuclear energy system strategies   Abstract Paper

van Oppen, Willem   Offensive KPI’s: Coordinating strategy and operations in interorganizational service supply networks   Abstract Paper

Vanderminden, Peter   System Dynamics - A Field of Study, a Methodology or Both?   Abstract Supporting

Vargas Guerrero, Germán with Isaac Dyner   Evolutionary Effectiveness’s Dynamics of Enterprise Innovation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Vennix, Jac with Etiënne Rouwette, Andreas Groessler, Jack Homer and Roberta Spencer   Welcome by Conference Organizing Committee   Abstract Paper

Viladent, Christian   A deterministic model to assess the impact of HAART in Sub-Saharan countries.An application to Botswana   Abstract Paper Supporting

Visser, Max   The System Dynamics of Group Facilitation and Communication   Abstract Paper

Vogstad, Klaus with Steen Koekebakker, Fridthjof Ollmar, Fredrik Olsen and Tor Handaa   Stochasticity in electricity markets : Combining system dynamics with financial economics   Abstract Paper

Vojtko, Viktor with Stanislava Mildeova, Jan Trojacek and Ingeborg Nemcova   Market Dynamics for Decision Support in Marketing   Abstract Paper Supporting

Voyer, John with Gregory Stevens, Charles McCormick and Liam Shaw   Non-Standard Basic Monthly Earnings Calculations For Long-Term Disability Insurance Contracts: A System Dynamics Examination   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wahba, Khaled with Tarek El Sayed   Mapping the Dynamic Effect of Customer Switching Costs Management on the Mobile Industry in Egypt   Abstract

Wahba, Khaled with Fadl Ahmed and Abdalla Mohamed   Modelling the Glucose Regulatory Feedback System -- Understand the Mechanism Underlying Ultradian Oscillations   Abstract

Wahba, Khaled with Ahmed Adly   Studying the Dynamics of Organizational Stress in the Egyptian IT Sector   Abstract

Wahba, Khaled with Walid El Gebaly   The Dynamics of Egyptian Information Technology Employees Turnover Intention   Abstract

Wahba, Khaled with Mohamed Kholief   Towards Better Understanding of Software Testing Dynamics   Abstract

Wahba, Khaled with Ramez Youssef   Government Intervention Effect on Automotive Market Dynamics in Egypt   Abstract

Wahba, Khaled with Ahmad Azar and Abdalla Mohamed   Analyzing the Dynamic Implications For Improving Hemodialysis Session Performance By System Dynamics Modeling   Abstract

Warren, Kim   Carbon Emissions: Changing Minds - Changing Hearts   Abstract

Warren, Kim with Christina Spencer   Exploring life plans with the Jane Sloan Microworld - a model of personal resources and feedback   Abstract

Warren, Kim with Christina Spencer   Introducing Management and Strategy Dynamics   Abstract

Weber, Lars with Veit Schulz   Voter's Power in Aging Societies   Abstract Paper

Xu, Bo with Haiyan Yan   System Archetype Analysis on Some Problems of Chinese Enterprises Cross-border M&A   Abstract Paper

Yamaguchi, Kaoru   Integration of Real and Monetary Sectors - System Dynamics Macroeconomic Modeling   Abstract Paper

Yan, Haiyan with Bo Xu   Systems Thinking on the Demand and Training for International Business Talents   Abstract Paper

Yeon, Seung-Jun with Sang-Wook Kim and Won-Gyu Ha   System Dynamics Approach to IT/IS Outsourcing at the Perspective of Knowledge Management   Abstract

Young, Showing with Shyh-Jane Li, Chun-Fu Chen and Yu-Ying Huang   To investigate players’ behavior when price variable is put in the Beer Game   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yuliani, Dewi with Muhammad Tasrif   Understanding Community Empowerment Process : A Case Study of a Rural Locality in Indonesia   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zagonel, Aldo with Thomas Corbet   Levels of Confidence in System Dynamics Modeling: A Pragmatic Approach to Assessment of Dynamic Models   Abstract Paper

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