Arts education has faced many critical challenges in large part because there has been a severe, chronic shortage of fully certified/qualified arts teachers in Taiwan. The paper provided an overview of the process of designing and developing a web-based professional development program on arts education using a value-added systems thinking model. The authors defined “value-added” as the teacher-centered quality added to the total program by the members of virtual community during the study. The interaction within and among three sub-system thinking models: curriculum and instruction designing, organizational learning, and technology supporting were interrelating as a whole via the web as a tool. A team including 10 music, visual arts, and performance arts expert teachers tried out, evaluated, and revised operational strategies applying systems thinking to meet the National Integrated Arts Curriculum Policy for later use on teacher training. Teachers’ satisfaction with the program design and achievement of the program objectives were assessed using the analysis of the data collected from forum, e-mails, questionnaires, and interviews. Implications of the study were discussed.