The organization can be a potential resource for encouraging innovation in a company. In its turn, innovation changes the organization. In this paper we will endeavour to study and understand the network of mutual determination of the couple which we will call: “Organization - innovating Process”. We will therefore analyze the organizational elements which increase creative effervescence. System dynamics enables us to understand, over periods of time, how the process of innovation is created as well as how it can disappear. Indeed, it is in the duration and lifecycle of the organization that one can observe the collaborative forces which create the conditions for innovation. We wish to show that the changes of an organization's state and the properties which result from this exacerbate or on the contrary inhibit innovation. Innovation is a process which begins with the identification and acquisition of knowledge and ends with transferring and implementing this knowledge into organizational initiatives. We will highlight the principal feedback loops and propose a model showing the behaviours and the counter-intuitive effects resulting from interactions between variables. We based our research on a study carried out in a company. Our model can be used to teach the dynamics of organizational innovation