This workshop will be most relevant for people in higher education and management, though others may find it interesting too. Participants have a chance to explore a professional person’s adult life, via a PC game built on an underlying system dynamics model of certain resources and feedback effects that individuals need to balance. You decide on your objectives for ‘Jane’, a mid-career professional, in three broad areas - how much importance she places on her own well-being, on having a high income and getting rich, and on building a strong family and social network [i.e. health, wealth and happiness!]. Having set these aims, you help Jane build and sustain the resources she needs, by prioritising how she spends her time. Some of her resources are work-related, such as professional skills and experience, reputation with colleagues and the level of her job. Other resources are personal - her family, friends, and the community. Still others concern her well-being, such as fitness and stress. This workshop will largely involve participants’ active participation with the game, though will also include some input on its underlying principles, and how it is being used at London Business School.