The Russian Chapter was established in the spring of 2005 and currently has almost forty members. They are representatives of academia and industry interested in simulation modeling. Eleven of our members are also members of the SD society. The Russian Chapter is dedicated to the promotion of system dynamics in the Russian speaking environment. We provide information for the Russian-speaking professionals and academics, representatives of commercial and government organizations. Our mission is to publish in Russian various types of literature (from scientific to news and case studies) on system dynamics, organize lectures and courses on system dynamics and introduce interested individuals to this discipline. In the upcoming year we plan to expand our membership, organize a chapterís meeting in Moscow, and attract sponsors who can help the chapterís members finance the SD society membership fee or the conference attendance. Our aim is to increase the number of publications, e.g. seek opportunities to translate into Russian some of the key papers in the field of system dynamics as well as produce original articles. We will continue to expand our website which is the main source of information for our members and interested parties. SDRus