In this paper the researchers attempt to address the complexity and dynamic behaviour of Software Testing Process. A lot of researches has been developed to address the complexity of software development (Abdel-Hamid and Madnick, 1991) using system dynamics models, from different perspectives. In this paper we are focusing on Testing Process Dynamics as key element in success of software projects. This paper also tries to stimulate testing professionals to make use of system dynamics for the testing process improvement instead of receiving ready to implement models from third party who doesnít have same deep understanding of their process. The reason for this is the number of details required to model any cycle which will include interactions between process, people as well as projects which makes it difficult and even not realistic to develop one model to reflect all these in all environments. Thatís why researchers are trying to encourage testing professionals to do the job on their own by providing a starting point for them to realize importance of system dynamics for their process improvement.