The SDS highly values peer review for ISDC programming and SDR publishing and encourages broad participation. The Peer Review Dialog allows ISDC attendees to participate in improving the process. Those who have participated in SDS peer review and those who desire to participate are encouraged to attend. The dialog intends to start with these questions: 1. Participation - What actions should be utilized to encourage and recognize participation in the peer review process? How can the Chapters and SIG's more fully contribute to the process? 2. Description - The 2005 Peer Review Dialog identified an opportunity to describe some key components of the peer review process. How can review guidelines improve the value of reviews? How can reviewer profiles increase alignment of reviewers with submissions? 3. Integration - How should the peer review processes for the ISDC and SDR be integrated to improve quality of presentations and publications while minimizing overlap? However, the dialog is not limited to these topics. Your contributions on these and other topics are invited to increase the value of the peer review process to the system dynamics community.