Demonstrating the benefits of simulation modeling to new audiences is not an easy task. Models that solve dynamic problems may take weeks, months, or even years to develop. Audiences new to System Dynamics may have a hard time relating model behavior to the real world problem because of the separation between their experience of the world and a model embedded in a computer. A partial exception is the Beer Game, which demonstrates dynamic problems immediately, although this is not often followed by simulation. This workshop teaches the art of creating dynamic experiments that involve an audience, and translating those experiments into working simulation models. The dynamic experiment is brief, exciting, memorable, and involves workshop participants. Behavior data is captured “real-time” for later use. The audience discusses their observations of the experiment and their understanding of the data. A dynamic hypothesis is elicited from the audience and a simulation model created “on the spot” by participants to reproduce the observed dynamics. The aim of the workshop is to introduce newcomers to System Dynamics modeling and to help experts to effectively demonstrate the value of simulation.