In the 2005 meetings, the old “Environmental Dynamics” SIG has simplified its name to “Environmental”, has re-defined its scope, and has clearly defined its objectives – as published in the October 2005 SDS Newsletter. To continue this work, the focus of the 2006 Environmental Roundtable shall be on activity. The goals of this Roundtable are to (a) identify and classify by scope and objectives the activities (e.g. R&D projects, consultancy) of its individual members, and (b) attempt to sketch a joint strategy (e.g. policy, guidelines) that will allow the SIG to achieve its common objectives, followed by examples of typical projects to expect in the future. Participants will be asked to contribute to the Roundtable with (a) facts about their relevant professional activities, regarding the first goal, and (b) with ideas about joint activities at the strategy or project aggregation level, regarding the second goal. Activities identified or suggested in this Roundtable can be presented in future conferences and/ or academic journals.