This paper analyses IT innovation diffusion within communities joined through electronic networks. We draw on qualitative system dynamics, as a methodology of structure and behaviour, in order to understand sustainable IT innovation. The focal point of interest is the adoption-diffusion continuum, from prior use to post-adoptive behaviour, analysed and modelled by means of “adaptive structuration” based on “duality of structure”. We draw upon the structurationist system dynamics approach (Reichel A. 2004) and extend it within the context of IT innovation in electronic networks. The aim is to begin the development of an integrative modelling base for IT innovation sustainable diffusion. “Cognitive model building”, and “information processing”, are secondary (supporting) epistemic levels, used to aid clarifying issues of collective sociality and group outcomes in innovation uptake. The endeavour undertaken ventures on a holistic route of thought, with the emphasis shift from pure subjectivism to “structuration”, moving beyond “intention” toward a system dynamics analysis of IT innovation.