One of the most volatile market environments of our time is the energy business. Whether the energy medium is gasoline, electricity, or natural gas, traditional market forces do not seem to exert the same influences as in other markets. Indeed, the behavior of the energy market sometimes seems to defy traditional understanding of the law of supply and demand. Management of, and survival within, such a system requires deep understanding of the systemís potential behaviors under many different scenario settings. System Dynamics (SD) is posited as the most appropriate first methodology to apply when a system with highly volatile behavior is under scrutiny. This paper presents the background and some of the lessons learned from projects in which SD simulation was applied to analyze and understand the highly volatile energy market. A natural gas strategic acquisition simulation provides a tool for examination of market dynamics with a focus on acquisition strategy, while a gasoline business simulation provides insights into the supply side of the energy business. The application of SD to volatile environment management is not new; the scale of these simulations, and some of the techniques used for design and rollout potentially make the projects unique.