System Dynamics history in Japan commenced in 1960s; several textbooks of Industrial Dynamics were published in those days. After that, many researchers used System Dynamics in their own field individually for about 30 years. Thereafter, System Dynamics researchers gathered and founded Japan Chapter of International System Dynamics Society in 1990. Since then, Japan Chapter held The International System Dynamics Conference 1995 hosted by Gakushuin University in Tokyo. The chapter members assembled their best minds and finished it successfully. In 2005, Japan Chapter had 120 chapter members. As Research activities, Japan Chapter publishes an annual journal and holds regular research meetings and symposiums. In 2005, we held seven research meetings including two public symposiums. In particular, public symposiums are the most important events not only for the chapter but also for the public. The recent themes are “Towards an innovation in business processes,” and “Putting System Dynamics to practical use in business.” Every symposium had many participants including public people. We always welcome System Dynamics members or users who visit Japan. Several System Dynamics researchers have already had meetings hosted by Japan Chapter. Contact with our Chapter Liaison is greatly appreciated. Chapter President: Michiya MORITA; Chapter Executive Director: Norihiro MATSUMOTO, Dr. President of POSY Corp.; Chapter Liaison: Yutaka TAKAHASHI, Contact Address: POSY Corp., Towa-Hanzomon Coop, 2-12-104, Hayatocho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, 102-0092, Japan