This will be useful for people with an interest in using system dynamics with management – whether in corporate or non-commercial setting. Important barriers to management acceptance of system dynamics include the seemingly ‘foreign’ language it requires – feedback, stocks, flows etc – and what looks like quite technical modelling. Yet the underlying principles are closer to management thinking that may seem to be the case. This workshop will go through a process that can bring executives from a regular description of an issue they face or plans they may have to a simple, dynamic picture of the same thing. This can readily include evidence from the situation, and may [optionally] be turned into a working simulation. The workshop will take participants through the key steps in the process: - specifying how things are changing through time - showing how resources drive that performance - explaining how those resources are built and sustained - showing how resources depend on each other - understanding how this interdependence gives rise to feedback that may help or hinder progress in building performance into the future