Housing premises rent has been big socio-economic and political issue in the Czech Republic for a long time. The calculation model of maximum rent for square metre of a housing unit has been changed several times since the year 1994. It has not been assessed stable policy in this branch. As a consequence of this was expensive housing premises rent particularly in Prague. A new law concerning one-sided rent increase should bring a clearer concept. The law was authorized by parliament on 1/3/2006, will come into force by 1/10/2006 and will stand by 31/9/2012. The purpose of the project has been to create a price trends dynamic model of housing premises rent in Czech Republic in this period. All study has been divided into two parts. First one of them includes price trends of rent analysis between the years 1994 and 2005. There are introduced approaches to rent calculations and its values in Prague for various flats categories including rent increases. The second part deals with a price trends dynamic model of housing premises rent according to new law noted in full paper. There is also described the calculation model.