The 2016 Winter Policy Council Meeting

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These reports were presented at the 2016 Winter Policy Council Meeting and are listed alphabetically by the last name of the reporter. Reports are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from Supporting material may be provided.

Andersen, David   Report of VP Finance for Winter 2016 Meeting   ( Summary: This abbreviated report is based on two financial reports developed each year by the Society's home office staff: (1) Revenue & Expense, 2015 & 2014 Comparison, and (2) Balance Sheet, 2015 & 2014 Comparison. How Did the Society Do Overall in 2015? The Society experienced a relatively poorer financial performance in 2015 due primarily to the performance of our investments. The two attached reports come directly from the Quick Books system that is maintained by the Home Office staff. These reports have not been reviewed by our CPA and I am quite certain that they will change because a number of important transactions have not yet been posted. I predict that when everything is properly accounted for the Society will close out 2015 with an overall loss in Net Ordinary Income similar to our final numbers for 2014. In addition, this year our Net Income will probably also be negative. Our assets have performed less well than in the recent past due to general conditions in financial markets. ) Report

Anderson, Edward   Nominations Committee Report   (Includes Nominated Slate for 2017 for officers and PC members) Report

Black, Laura   Ad Hoc Committee for the PhD Colloquium - Report for Winter Policy Council Meeting   (Report includes information on: 1. Main events and achievements of 2015; 2. Main aims for 2016; and 3. Support, cooperation and resources needed as well as potential obstacles/issues. Chair: Laura Black. Members: Ed Anderson, Larry Gottschamer, Jill Kuhlberg, Len Malczynski, Erika Palmer. ) Report

Cooper, Kenneth   Progress on Establishing a ďForrester Internship ProgramĒ   (We are now working on a pilot program to establish a Forrester Internship Program. The Forrester Internship Program is an academic-commercial alliance that would place top university students in a multi-month mentoring and training program at firms engaged in the commercial practice of SD. The objective is to create a mentoring opportunity of the highest quality for some of our best new students in the field. ) Supporting

Davidsen, PŚl   VP Publications Report   (2015 has in many ways been an exceptional year ...) Report

Eberlein, Robert   VP Electronic Presence Report   (Our current web activities are mostly ongoing operations with more limited development activities. Babak Bahaddin has joined the office as the graduate student in residence as Weijia Ran is graduating and moving on to other things. We have had some problems with our service provider for and will probably be changing them out later this year.) Report

Eberlein, Robert   Scholarship Committee Report   (Last year we again provided partial scholarships in the form of registration fee waivers and accommodation. We raised a small amount of money via a donation campaign and have made contributions in support of conference scholarships easier to make. We are looking at ways of helping with Summer School.) Report

Eberlein, Robert   XMILE Update   (Last year XMILE version 1.0 was approved as an OASIS Standard. Going forward the standard development will not be done with OASIS, and the Society has the potential to take on this role. We need to figure out how and I recommend a committee be formed to do that.) Report

Farr, Warren   K12 Strategic Initiative - Revised Report   (In May of 2015, ďPromotion and Development of SD in K12Ē was added to the Policy Counselís list of strategic initiatives. This additional strategic goal is in support of the long-term goal of introducing children in primary through secondary (grades K-12) schools worldwide to the principles of systems through the study of system dynamics. The purpose of this report is to summarize and present a snapshot of system dynamics teaching in K12 in the US and to make recommendations for the policy counsel to consider. To understand the tools being used to teach system dynamics principles in US K12, three organizations were visited . To gain an understanding of how people doing this work would describe a ďpromotion and developmentĒ effort, five K12 system dynamics leaders were interviewed . This report summarizes these research results.) Report

Groessler, Andreas   Program Guidelines, Version 0.5   (Latest version of the program guidelines, with some clarifications and language improvements.) Report

Hovmand, Peter   VP Marketing and Communications Report   (The marketing and communications report highlights the activities in 2015 focusing on the piloting of the marketing and communications survey in summer 2015. The report provides an overview of the feasibility and utility for the SDS to routinely conduct randomly sampled surveys along with a discussion of the survey results and implications for future activities. A more detailed descriptive summary of the survey is also included. PC members having questions or wanting additional analysis should contact the VP of Marketing and Communications. ) Report Supporting

Lychkina, Natalia   Synergetics and development processes in socio-economic systems: search for effective modeling constructs.   (The paper explores the genesis of the socio-economic processes of strategic development of social transformations in a transition economy. Author studies the system patterns and structural and dynamic aspects of developing socio-economic systems. Synergetics is applied as a theoretical and methodological fundamental of the research and modeling developing socio-economic systems. Modeling social behavior, individual choice, various forms of social interaction and self-organization processes are recognized to be significant aspects. General concept of simulation of developing socio-economic systems based on the principles of stratification is proposed: a micro-level reproduces individual decisions of social and economic agents, collective organizational forms, and a macro-level describes processes of evolution. The interpretation of the interactions between socio-economic configurations based on the analysis of causal dependencies and dynamic manifestations of the interpenetration of phenomena occurring in different strata of the social system. It offers the methods of combining composite system-dynamic and agent-based models, allowing us to investigate the dynamics of socio-economic processes by a cyclic interaction of processes of individual and group behavior of economic and social agents at the micro level with the basic processes of socio-economic system at the macro level. ) Report  Link from authors

Morrison, J. Bradley   Motion to establish a VP K‐12 Education   (Motion to amend the Policies, Policy 6, Section 1, by adding a new office of Vice President K-12 Education) Report

Moxnes, Erling   Awards committee report   (Main events and achievements Joel Rahn stepped down as Chair of the DMA committee. During his years as chair, the Award has been a great success. Students have this Award in mind when putting extra effort into writing up their work for the ISDC. As a good friend of Dana, Joel has done a great job in honoring her memory. Thanks. The Applications Award Committee requested that the Awards Committee authorize the awarding of the Applications Award as often as every year. Until now the award has been presented every other year. With the alternating sequence of Europe/North America as conference locations, this means that the award is always given in the North American conference. That is not ideal. Allowing the award as often as once per year gives the committee discretion to give the award when there is a worthy candidate but does not obligate giving the award every year (similar to the way the Forrester Award is awarded). The Awards Committee agrees and asks that the wording for the Application Award is changed accordingly. All committees have members for the coming year and terms are staggered. Main aims for 2016
 & Support None at the moment )

Oliva, Rogelio   Executive Editor of the System Dynamics Review   (Report from the Executive Editor of the System Dynamics Review.) Report

Pala, ÷zge   Report of VP Membership   (This report includes information on: 1) Proposal for ďEmeritus MembershipĒ status for retired system dynamicists 2) summary of reports received from Psychology and Biomedical SIGs.) Report Supporting

Pruyt, Erik   Summer School Report (and Proposal for a Summer School Strategy)   (This document provides an overview of two past System Dynamics Summer School events, some lessons learned, an overview of some summer school related developments, a proposal for a strategy for future summer school events, and a preview of the upcoming summer school event.) Report

Pruyt, Erik   Meetings + 2018 and beyond Conference Report   (This is a very brief conference report of the meetings until 2017 and possible meetings from 2018 on.) Report

Richardson, John   Asia Pacific System Dynamics Conference (Feb 2017) - Progress Report   (Attached are three documents pertaining to the 2nd Asia Pacific Region System Dynamics Conference.[1] A brief one page cover letter [2] A one page "Summary Proposal Report" and [3] A longer set of "planning notes" perhaps to be reviewed by PC members at a later date (2p - uploaded as the supporting material). Thank you. With best wishes, John ) Report Supporting

Rouwette, EtiŽnne   Conference survey 2015 Cambridge conference   (The 2015 survey is filled out by about 80 people. Results are in line with other years and mostly positive, but please have a look at the comments. ) Report

Rouwette, EtiŽnne   Illustration of a Certification Scheme   (This document is not a proposal or recommendation - merely an illustration of a possible scheme for the Certification of individuals trained in System Dynamics. It provides a context for discussion about whether, and if so, how Certification of SD practitioners might operate.) Report

Rouwette, EtiŽnne   Draft minutes Winter PC meeting   (Please mail any additions/ corrections to Report

Rouwette, EtiŽnne   Proposal Agriculture and food SIG    (Proposal Agriculture and food SIG with motion 152) Report

Saeed, Khalid   The Forrester Award committee report   (The Forrester Award committee 2015 had the following membership: Khalid Saeed (chair) John Sterman Jack Homer Erling Moxnes Kim Thompson The committee received a record number of nominations (17) in 2015. This response was facilitated by sending personalized invitations to nominate to selected lists of eminent society members. These lists included present and past presidents, conference program chairs, SDR editors and past JWF award winners. The recipient of the 26th Jay Wright Forrester Award was Hazhir Rahmandad. The award was presented for Hazhirís article: Impact of Growth Opportunities and Competition on Firm-Level Capability Development Trade-offs, published in 2012 in Organization Science, Volume 23, Issue 1, pages 138 to 154. The award citation and Hazhirís lecture delivered at the 2015 system dynamics conference have been published in System Dynamics Review, 31(3). The committee met in July 2015 in Cambridge, MA at the SD conference venue. It proposed to renew membership of Khalid Saeed and Erling Moxnes for another term. Saeed is renewed up to 2020, and Moxnes up to 2021. In line with the committeeís policy of rotating its chair every year, Erling Moxnes was named the chair for 2016. Khalid Saeed JWF Award committee Chair 2015 )

Schaffernicht, Martin   Report VP Chapters   (During 2015, the Iran Chapter was started and the new Chapters in Africa undertook several activities, including conferences with the support of the Field Development Fund. Membership has been stable. The degree of activity and their web presence was similar to previous years. The Asia-Pacific conference originally planned for later in 2016 has been moved to February 2017. The attempt to move towards a Mediterranean Chapter has not worked out. It continues to be important that active new Chapters apply for support from the Field Development fund.) Report Supporting

Schaffernicht, Martin   Capacity Development Committee report   (The Field Development Committee has revised and supported applications for activities from the Italy and Brazil Chapters during 2015. An application from the African Regional Chapter accepted in December 2014 was carried out in 2015. The Asia-Pacific Conference has been rescheduled to February 2017.)

Spencer, Roberta   2015 Conference Report, Cambridge, Massachusetts, prepared for the Winter Policy Council Meeting   (2015 Conference Report for Cambridge, MA includes information on attendee demographics, conference organizers, conference sponsors, program thread percentages, submissions and rejection rate, new and continuing conference events, and finances. Submitted on behalf of the 2015 Cambridge Conference Team: Program Chairs, Karim Chichakly and Khalid Saeed; Workshop Chairs, Jack Homer and Hazhir Rahmandad; and Conference Manager, Roberta Spencer.) Report  Link from authors

Spencer, Roberta   2016 Winter Policy Council Meeting Scheduled for February 23, 2016   (The 2016 Winter Policy Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 23 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The meeting will be chaired by President EtiŽnne A. J. A. Rouwette. ) Report

Spencer, Roberta   2016 Conference Report - Delft, Netherlands   (All conference planning is progressing splendidly. Here is a small update on program items. So far, we have three invited plenary presentations on the following issues: Uncertainty, Randomness, and Deterministic Simulations, Politics when Implementing System Dynamics Insights; and Supply Chain Management Disasters and Supply Chain Management of Disasters. ) Report Supporting  Link from authors

Spencer, Roberta   2017 Pre-Conference Report for Cambridge, Massachusetts USA   (Program Chairs and hotel contract are in place.) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Executive Director's Winter Report to Policy Council (for 2015)   (A full Annual Report on Home Office Operations for the FYE 2015 will be presented at the Summer Policy Council meeting at the 2016 Delft, Netherlands Conference. Using the Report link, please find bulleted items on Conferences, Membership Services and Recruitment, Sales, Society Sponsorship, Website, Allocation of Effort, and Finances. All statistics are early estimates and financial numbers are pre-CPA review; they are subject to change. In Supporting, please see the 2015 Summary of Volunteer Time. To comply with NYS law, the Society must compile this each year. 2015 results: Total Volunteer Hours (8 hrs/day): 10,268!) Report Supporting

Spencer, Roberta   Conflict of Interest Blank Form and Disclosure of Potential Conflict of Interest Blank Form   (Pursuant to the NY Nonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013, System Dynamics Society Policy Council President, officers, members, committee members, and key employees shall complete, sign, and submit to the secretary of the corporation a written statement identifying ... any conflict of interest. Each officer, member and key employee must annually re-submit such a written statement. If you have not already, please sign and return a copy to the Society office as soon as possible. Also attached is a Potential Conflict of Interest Blank Form in the case of something new arising after the annual form is signed. Thanks.) Report Supporting  Link from authors

Spencer, Roberta   Meeting Minutes from 2015 Summer Policy Council Meeting   (To see motions considered and acted upon, pre- and post meeting SD Forum discussion, minutes of the face-to-face portion of summer Policy Council Meeting, and all the reports, please use the link.)  Link from authors

Spencer, Roberta   Organization and Bylaws Committee   (Bylaws Changes - 1. A new provision in the New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013 prevents the President of the Policy Council also holding the title of Chief Executive Officer. 2 and 3. Redefines the role of Founding President as a non-voting adviser to the Policy Council. By June 7, 2016 the Secretary shall distribute copies of the proposed change to all members of the Society (not less than six weeks before a general business meeting). In the report please find wording suggestions for review for the Bylaws changes and also a timeline.) Report  Link from authors

Spencer, Roberta   Report of the Community Service Award Committee   (Bob Eberleinís term expired December 31, 2015. All members of the committee, David Andersen (Chair), Andrew Ford, Peter Milling and Roberta Spencer unanimously agreed to ask Bob to continue for his second 5-year term. The members of this committee plan to meet as a committee in early 2016 to discuss this yearís award. Past Award Recipients: 2015, Dean Christensen; 2014, Jac Vennix and Pal Davidsen; 2012, Peter Milling; 2011, David Andersen and George Richardson; 2009, Andrew Ford; 2005, Robert Eberlein; 1997, Alexander L. Pugh, III.) Report  Link from authors

Thompson, James   Policy Council Guidebook   (In this guidebook, you will find a synopsis of roles and responsibilities for officers, general members of the Council and the Society executive administration. This includes both general obligations of PC members and specific duties of individual officers. ) Report

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