Conference Proceedings

The 11th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society

1993 Cancun, Mexico


The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel and plenary sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by Enrique Zepeda and Jose A. D. Machuca, were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings, including a link to the paper when available. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. To find a paper by an author who is not the first author, simply search on the author's name. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

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PAPER INDEX - listed alphabetically by first author:


Akkermans, Henk with Jac Vennix, Etiënne Rouwette    Participative Modeling To Facilitate Organizational Change: A Case Study

Ali. K, Shoukath with Ramaswamy N.    Statistical Methods for Improving Confidence in System Dynamics Models - a Case Study on Blood Bank Inventory Management Systems

Asheim, Leif Jarle with Dag Morris Mydland    System Dynamics Analysis of the Development in Norwegian Rural Communities

Barlas, Yaman    Formal System Dynamics Education in Universities

Breiter, Andres E.    Dynamics of a Successful Turn Around Strategy

Camara, Antonio S. with Francisco Ferreria, Paulo Diogo, Pedro Goncalves, Joao P. Silva    System Dynamics Modeling Using Multimedia

Cecchini, Arnaldo with Filippo Viola    Lucumia: A Gaming Simulation for the Analysis of Conflicts Mangement Processes

Crespo Marques, Adolfo with Rafael Ruiz Usano, Ramon David Aznar    Continuos and Discrete Simulation ina Production Planning System. A comparative Study

Diaz S., F. Javier with Isaac Dyner    Estimation, Validation and Stochasticity in a Model of Organizationsl Strategy

Diehl, Ernst W.    Strategy Support Software: Enhancing Executive Dialogue & Debate

Dyner, Isaac with Ricardo A. Smith, Gloria E. Pena    System Dynamics Modeling For Energy Efficiency Analysis

van Eijck, D.T.T. with R.J. Streng, and H.G. Sol    Dynamic Modeling to Support Organizational Decision Making. The Stevedore Case

Franco, Douglas    Strategies by System Dynamics

Fey, Willard with John Trimble    An Expert System to Aid in Model Conceptualization

Fiddaman, Thomas with Rogelio Oliva, R. Rembert Aranda    Modeling The Impact of Quality Initiative Over the Software Product Life Cycle

Fukuda,  Atsusho   Analysis on the Policy for Reduction of Nox in Developing Cities.

Genta, Peter J. with Neville Sokol    Applying a System Thinking Approach to Business Process Re-Engineering: A Case Study of a Canadian Oil and Gas Producer

Georgantzas, Nicholas C.    Perceptual Dynamics of “good” and “poor” Service Quality

Georgantzas, Nicholas C.    Creativity and control dynamics in prime office-space markets

Geurts, Jac L. with Ivo Wenzler, Hans J.J. Kuppevelt    Communicating complexity through visualisation: the use of schematics in gaming/simulation

Gil’Adi, Danile with Lorenzo Lara-Carrero    Consulting Groups: A tool for sharing vision and building alliances.

Goodman, Michael with W. Brian Kreutzer, John D. Sterman, David P. Kreutzer    Electrifying Learning: Computerizing the Beer Game

Haxholdt, Christian with Christian Kampmann    Entrainment in a disaggregated Economic Long Wave Model

Hocking, Alan with Jane Orford    Changing Model Ownership When Needs Must: Experiences within the Business Consultancy Department of Shell International Program

Homer, Jack with John Sterman, Brain Greenwood, Markku Perkola    Delivery Time Reduction in Pulp and Paper Mill Construction Projects: A Dynamic Analysis of Alternative.

Kreutzer, David P. with Janet M. Gould, W. Brain Kreutzer    Designing Management Simulators

Lane, David C.    From Discussion To Dialogue : How an interactive modeling process was used with managers to resolve conflict and generic meaning.

Lane, David C.   With a Little Help From Our Friends: How third generation system dynamics and the problem structure techniques of ‘soft’ OR can learn from each other

Langley, Paul A.    Learning with Model Supported Case Studies

Langley, Paul A. with Erik R. Larsen    Multimedia Management Flight Simulators

Lara-Carrero, Lorenzo with Arturo Bencosme, Rodger Farrell, Daniel Gil’Adi    New Barrels for Old Beer: The Beer Game as a Learning Organization

Lyneis, James M.    A Dynamic Model of Technology Diffusion

MacDonald, Roderick H. with Anne M. Dowling    The Savings and Loan Crisis: A System Dynamics Perspective

Macedo, Julio    A Competitive Intelligence System for Total Quality Manufacturing Strategies

Machuca, Jose A.D. with Miguel A.D. Machuca, Antonio Ruiz, Jose C. Ruiz    Systems Thinking Learning for Management Education, What Are Our Ideas and How Are We Going About It In Sevilla?

Machuca, Jose A.D. with Miguel A.D. Machuca, Angel Maresca    Some Modifications Introduced to Improve the Beer

Mahmoud, Mohamed with Peter Genta    Microworld of an Open University: A Strategic Management Learning Laboratory

Markarian, Mirharan    Performance Decision System: An Intelligent to Decision Support System in Manufacturing

Marshall, Norman L.    Regional Land Use and Infrastructure Dynamics

Martinez, S. with A. Barron    Mistela-An Integrated Simulation Model For Telefonica De Espana

Mejia, Nestor with Isaac Dyner    HARDEXP-A strategic Support Tool For Hardware Expansion

Milling, Peter M. with Frank H. Maier    Dynamics Consequences of Pricing Strategies for Research & Development and the Duffusion of Innovations

Moscardini, Alfredo with Patia Stoyanova    Experiences Teaching System Dynamics At The UK Masters Level

Qingrui, Xu with Chen Jin, Wu Gang    Application of System Dynamics on Policy Analysis of Resources Allocation of Scientific Research

Qingrui, Xu with Wang Weiqiang    A Portfolio Approach to Managing Technological Innovation: Linking Systems Dynamics to Organizational Learning And Group Decision making

Radzicki, Michael J. with John D. Sterman    Evolutionary Economics and System Dynamics

Rego, Juan C.    Fighting Inflation In Argentina: The Crisis of 1982: A SD version of a small monetary, Cagan’s fashion

Roman Sliwa, Kazimierz    System thinking and the organizational growth: personnel pressure and organizational Equilibrium scissors. A case of the company “BETA”

Roy, Rahul Kr. with P.K.J. Mohapatra    A system Dynamics Based Methodology for Numerically Solving Transient Behavior of Queuing Systems

Ruiz Usano, Rafael with Adolfo Crespo Marquez    Modeling Hybrid Producing System. A Possible Characterization

Rufat-Latre, Jorge    Transferring System Thinking And Circumscribing Problems: A Case Study

Saeed, Khalid with Micael J. Radzicki    A Post Keynesian Model Of Macroeconomic Growth, Instability, and Income Distribution

Saeed, Khalid    The Dynamics Of Collegial Systems In the Developing Countries

Sajedi, Sabegh Jala with Sharma Sushil Kumar    Measuring and improving total productivity and integrated approach

Sastry, M. Anjali with John D. Sterman    Desert Island Dynamics: An annotated survey of the essential system dynamics literature

Senge, Peter M. with Rogelio Oliva    Developing Theory of Service Quality/Service Capacity Interaction

Shimada, Toshiro with Takahiro Kojima    Stochastic Test on the model for Dental Dentist

Smart, Chris with Virginia Bryant    Enhancing cash flow forecasting by the use of system dynamic modeling techniques

Torres,  Ma Dolores Soto   A system dynamics approach to Kalecki’s Model

Tessem, Bjornar with Pål Davidsen    Fuzzy System Dynamics

Thiel,  Daniel   Genetic Models For Explanation of Complex Production System Dynamics

Vennix, Jac A. M. with Wim Scheper    Group Model-building: what does the client think of it?

Wang, Qifan    An approach to appraising, diagnosing and designing the structure and function of corporation

Wang, Qifan   Comprehensive methods of system analysis inference, synthesis and model sets for studying the socio-economic-ecosystem

Wikstorm, Hugo    Modification of the concept “change” as a Result of working with System Dynamics model in an Educational Setting

Wittenberg, Jason with John D. Sterman    Competition and Succession in the Dynamics of Scientific Revolution

Wolstenholme, E.F. with D.A. Corben    Towards a Core set of Archetypal Structure in System Dynamics

Young, H. with Shih Hui Lo, Sy-Feng Wang    A preliminary Design of CSS Production-Distribution Board-Type Simulation Game

Yu, Jia-di with Xiu-jin Feng    Problems of Population Control in China

Zahn, Erich    Model-Based Planning for Strategic Management An Integrated Simulation and Learning Toolkit.

Zepeda Bustos, Enrique    Expansion Policy for a Telephone Comapany

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