The 1981 System Dynamics Research Conference
Rensselaerville, NY - USA

The following papers were presented at the conference in plenary and technical sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by David Andersen and John Morecroft were printed in harcopy and distributed after the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings, including an abstract. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

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PAPER INDEX - listed alphabetically by first author:

Andersen, David F.   Why Mathematical Models of Public Policy Issues Often Don’t Work
Beijdorff, Roland O. with Danny R. Davies and John Q. Rade   An Analysis of the Dutch Paper Recycling System
Bencosme, Arturo J.   A System Dynamics Approach to Evaluating Transportation System Alternatives within a Development Planning Context with Reference to the Venezuelan Case
Bienert, Kurt   Dynamic Capacity and Location Planning of Physical Distribution Systems
Boyce, Stephen G.   Multiple-Use of Renewable Resources is Enhanced with System Dynamics Methods
Braden, Charles H.   System Dynamics and Input-Output Analysis
Bresser, A. H. M. with W. K. Pluym and W. I. Wils   Optimization and Simulation in Planning of Systems of Drinking Water Supply: A Dutch Experience
Breton, Louis   MEDOC Model: A SD Approach to the Red Wine Market
Cavana, R.Y.   A Case Study in Problem Definition for a System Dynamics Model
Chen, Fiona with David Andersen and Tanette Nguyen   The Impacts of Implementing a Cost-of-Education Index on the Equalization of Education Expenditures per Pupil
Chourci, Nazli   Dynamic Adjustments and Change in the World Oil Market
Clark, Thomas D. Jr.   The United States Arms Transfer Process and Policy: A Systems Dynamic Approach
Clauset, Karl H. Jr. with Alan K. Gaynor   The Dynamics of Effective and Ineffective Schooling:  A System Dynamics Policy Study
Coyle, R. G.   Survey of Business Schools Teaching System Dynamics
Dangerfield, Brian C.   System Dynamics as a Potential Aid to Capacity Planning in the U.K. Steel Industry
Davies, D. R. with R. E. H. M. Smits, R. Tweehuysen and W. Wiis   Staffgroup Strategic Surveys TNO: Mobility of Researchers in the Netherlands
Day, Richard H.   Complex Behavior in System Dynamics Models
DeGreene, Kenyon B.   Is System Dynamics Theory Complete? –Extensions and Interfaces
Dobrowolski, G. with T. Rys and M. Zebrowski   Analysis of SD Models Based on Experiments with Families of Trajectories
Drew, Donald R.   National Reconstruction and Development Model of Lebanon
Fey, Willard   The Dynamics of System Dynamics
Fjellså, Olav   The Development of the Debt-Ratio in a Small Open Economy
Ford, Andrew   Lessons from Case 1454
Forrester,Nathan   Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy in the Context of Inventory Dynamics
Franco, Douglas   The Causal Loop Diagram
Gaynor, Alan K.   The Dynamics of Stability and Change in Public Schools
Golüke, Ulrich   Behavioral Science and System Dynamics: The Prospect of Symbiosis
Gottschalk, Petter   Railroad Decline and Revitalization
Graham, Alan K.   Lessons on Modeling from the System Dynamics National Model
Hobbs, G. D.   A Model of the UK Economy: An Aid to Understanding Economic Behaviour
Holmes, Robert Kevin   Examination of Some Aspects of Control within a Framework of Managements and Objectives
Homer, Jack B.   The Effect of Government Regulation on the emergence of a New Medical Technology
Jensen, Jens with Erik Mosekilde   Dynamic Simulation of Human Ventilatory Regulation
Karsky, Michel   The Development and Use of System Dynamics within an Industrial Context
Kiefer, Charles with Peter M. Senge   Metanoic Organizations: New Experiments in Social Evolution
Keloharju, Raimo  Dynamic or ‘Dynamic’ Hypothesis?
Kirchner, James W.   A Methodological Framework for System Dynamics Model Evaluation
Krallmann, Hermann   System Dynamics Models as Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Levine, Ralph L.   A Dynamic Model of Recreational Usage
Lyneis, James M.   Increasing the Effectiveness of Corporate Policy Models
Maier, Helmut   Measuring Image and Efficiency in Public Administration: A Dynamic Approach with Empirical Results
Mass, Nathaniel J.   Diagnosing Surprise Model Behavior: A Tool for Evolving Behavioral and Policy Insights
Mode, V. Alan   Applications of System Dynamics to a Nonprofit Research Organization
Morecroft, John D. W.   System Dynamics: Portraying Bounded Rationality
Nguyen, Tanette N.   Comparing Tactical and Strategic Modeling Techniques in the Field of Public School Finance
Paich, Mark   Architectural Cycles in the R&D Process
Perri, Karla   Designing Models for Policy Purposes: A View from Capitol Hill
Polya, Lance   Structure- Behavior Relations for Certain Nonlinear, Second-Order Systems
Probert, David E.   System Dynamics Modelling within the British Telecommunications Business
Pugh, Jack with J. Werb   Micro-DYNAMO
Rahn, R. Joel   Aggregation in System Dynamics
Randers, Jørgen   Waves and Oil Tankers: Dynamics of the Market for Oil Tankers to the Year 2000
Reid, George W.   An Approach for System Dynamics Awareness
Richardson, George P.   Managing R&D in a High-Growth Company: The Significance of Coordinating People and Products
Richmond, Barry   Endogenous Generation of Structural Change in System Dynamics Models: An Illustration from a Corporate Context
Roberts, Nancy   An Evaluation of Introduction to Computer Simulation: The System Dynamics Approach
Rohrbaugh, John   Evaluating Objective Function Trajectories: What is in the Eyes of the Beholder
Saeed, Khalid   Rural Poverty and Development Policy in Pakistan: The Case of a Resilient Income Distribution System
Spencer, Sue   The Alcoholic Lifecycles Model
Steinberg, Marian N.   Alternative Strategies for managing Long Island’s Hard Clam Resource
Sterman, John D.   Macroeconomic Effects of the Energy Transaction: A Dynamic Policy Analysis
Sterman, John D.   The Growth of Knowledge: Testing a Theory of Scientific Revolutions with a Formal Model
Tank-Nielsen, Carsten   A Play in Four Acts or the Use of System Dynamics as a Catalyst in Public Policy Discussions
VanderWerf, Pieter   The Use of Reference Modes in System Dynamics Modeling
Weil, Henry Birdseye   Effecting Strategy Change with System Dynamics
White, C.   Elements of Control in Alliance Force Development
Willett, Lois Schertz   An Analysis of Energy-Economy Interactions
Wolstenholme, E. F.   Designing and Assessing the Benefits of Control Policies for Conveyor Belt Systems in Underground Coal Mines
Zahn, Erich   Systems Dynamics as a Tool for Corporate Planning

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