The 2013 Winter Policy Council Meeting

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These reports were presented at the 2013 Winter Policy Council Meeting and are listed alphabetically by the last name of the reporter. Reports are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from Supporting material may be provided.

Andersen, David   VP Finance Report   (This report is based on two financial reports developed each year by the Society's home office staff: (1) Revenue & Expense, 2012 & 2011 Comparison, and (2) Balance Sheet, 2012 & 2011 Comparison. A full report with more detailed reports will be presented at the July Policy Council meeting.) Report

Eberlein, Robert   Vice President Electronic Presence Report   (The WordPress based website is working well and has simplified coordination of changes made by different people. Numerous changes have been made to the Web Portal and we will be going live soon with an integrated membership directory. We are also updating the functionality to enhance the experience of conference goers and obviate the need for printed abstract proceedings at the conference. Overall, we are still struggling with making the Society Web Site the top destination for those with interest in System Dynamics.) Report

Ford, David   Report of the Society Program Oversight Committee (SPOC)   (The committee seeks approval to fill vacancies on the committee and the program chairs of the 2014 conference. ) Report

Lane, David   Nominating Committee Report   (Nominating Committee: Proposed Slate of Candidates and Activity Report for Consideration at 2013 Winter Policy Council ) Report

Malczynski, Leonard   Chat log Policy Council Meeting 2012-02-12 Cambridge, MA USA   (Chat log from the WebEx Chat feature. Private comments removed (mainly comments about voice or internet problems).) Report

Malczynski, Leonard   VP Meetings Winter 2013 Policy Council Report   (VP Meetings report for 2013 Winter Policy Council Meeting Len Malczynski and AVP Enzo Bivona Activities: 1. Assist Home Office with preparations for 2013 ISDC a. Develop mailing to local restaurants for attendee discounts b. Prepare Newcomer website page c. Prepare newcomer trivia contest or other with small gifts 2. Implement web-enabled Policy Council and other ad hoc meetings a. 3 tests have been run including a test Policy Council Meeting b. Video and Voice over IP (VoIP) plus desktop sharing are enabled and working c. Backup plan is telephone conference 3. Informally polling the membership for their opinions on conference fee structure 4. Contacted all vendors of system dynamics software on the SD Society Tools web page. Made a request that a link to the ICSDS 2013 be put on the firm’s home page. Have received a handful of positive responses. 5. Proposed a session at ICSDS 2013 for those interested in hosting the ICSDS starting in 2017 after the trial ‘default’ conference site ends. )

Morrison, J. Bradley   Meeting Minutes from 2013 Winter Policy Council Meeting   (Please find a draft of the meeting minutes from 2013 Winter Policy Council Meeting.) Report

Morrison, J. Bradley   New VP Positions: Motions 105 and 106 Full Text of Policy changes   (Supporting material for motions 105 and 106 regarding the creation of new VPs for Marketing and Communication and for Professional Practice.) Report

Oliva, Rogelio   Executive Editor Report to the SDS Policy Council   (System Dynamics Review Executive Editor Report) Report

Pruyt, Erik   2014 Delft, The Netherlands Conference Progress Report   (Please see the attached 2014 Delft, The Netherlands Conference Progress Report.) Report

Richardson, George   Report of VP Publications   (Main events and achievements in 2012 - Advising and collaborating with Rogelio Oliva, the Executive Editor of the System Dynamics Review - See the Executive Editor’s report for his strong accomplishments in 2012. Main aims for 2013 - Continued support for the Executive Editor - In particular, supporting the EE on revising the structure of the Editorial Board of the Review - Continued monitoring of the journal’s metrics, reputation and stature )

Rouwette, Etiënne   Conference survey 2012   (The 2012 St. Gallen conference survey was filled out by 105 participants. Answers to closed format items are generally positive, similar to past years. At the end of the questionnaire a number of new items are included that address specific session formats and what people did (not) value about the conference. Open answers provide additional detail which is not easy to summarize.) Report

Rouwette, Etiënne   VP Member services report   (Since the 2012 Summer Policy Council Meeting there are two initiatives to report on: 1. the initiative to strengthen the links with Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs); 2. the case repository; 3. developing a job description/ user manual for the VP Member services position. ) Report

Saeed, Khalid   Awards Committee Report Jan 2013   (Current membership: Khalid Saeed (Chair) 2011-2013 Jac Vennix 2011-2013 Mark Paich 2012-2014 Krystyna Stave 2012-2014 David Lane 2013-2015 Erling Moxnes 2013-2015 1. Lifetime Achievement Award was formalized and JWF Awards committee was entrusted to implement it. 2. Award Selection Subcommittee membership moved to designated terms. 3. Deliberation were completed for a one time giving of Frank Fisher Award by “Prosper Australia” to be managed by the economics chapter of the SD society. 4. A vote of thanks for the Award Selection Subcommittees members for their dedicated work to select excellent award recipients. )

Schaffernicht, Martin   VP Chapters report   (2012 has been relevant for we “discovered” that Chapters and SIGs have many members in common; SIGs asked if they can apply to the “Capacity Development Fund”, SIGs have their own “policy 9” now and there is awareness that we should coordinate membership management between Chapters and SIGs. This report suggests that 2013 shall be the year when we reach a mutually shared definition of the functions of Chapters and SIGs for the SDS and when we make the first steps towards a coordinated members management. The report presents a conceptualization of individuals passing from an initial stare of unawareness of SD towards being at least a “SD citizen” and eventually becoming a SDS member; this conceptual model allows to define what our membership management should strive for, which role the Chapters and SIGs would have and what out information system should inform about. It then proposes 3 goals for this year: agreeing on a definition of the functions of Chapters and SIGs in the PC (1) and with the groups (2) and developing a prototype for the information system.) Report Supporting

Schaffernicht, Martin   Creation of the "Field Development Committee"   (Backup document for the following motion: Resolved, that the ad-hoc Field Development Committee formed by the Vice President Chapter Activities and consisting of Martin Schaffernicht, David F. Andersen, Leonard Malczynski and Etiënne A.J.A. Rouwette, be empowered to determine the disposition of the 2013 budget item labeled “Chapter Dev ($20K Max)” of $16,000 during the remainder of 2013. Further resolved to ask this committee to report at the Summer 2013 PC Meeting suggesting guidelines and procedures that may be warranted to continue to provide Society funds in support of activities of Chapters and SIGs. ) Report

Schaffernicht, Martin   Evolving the Capacity Development Fund   (This document reflects the development of the discussion concerning "Strengthening the Field" before the PC Winter Meeting. ) Report

Schaffernicht, Martin   Motion to acknowledge the Amended Constitution of the UK Chapter   (The UK Chapter has revised its Constitution from 1999 and elaborated an amended version, which has been agreed upon at the annual meeting of the Chapter. The new Constitution is compatible with the standard constitution and makes some necessary additions (for compliance with local law). Therefore I move that the Policy Council of the ISDS acknowledge the amended Constitution of the UK Chapter from February 8, 2013 as the Chapter’s valid Constitution from now on.) Report Supporting

Spencer, Roberta   2012 Conference Report - St. Gallen, Switzerland   (Please find attached the 2012 St. Gallen, Switzerland Conference Report.) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Executive Director's Winter Report to Policy Council   (A full Annual Report on Home Office Operations for the FYE 2012 will be presented at the Summer Policy Council meeting at the Cambridge conference. Below, please find uploaded as a report information on Conferences, Membership Services and Recruitment, Sales, Society Sponsorship, Website, Allocation of Effort, and Finances. All statistics are early estimates and financial numbers are pre-CPA review; they are subject to change.) Report

Spencer, Roberta   2013 Conference Report - Cambridge, Massachusetts   (Please find attached the Registration Brochure for the Cambridge, Massachusetts conference.) Report

Spencer, Roberta   The 2013 Winter PC Meeting Submission System Is Open   (Please contact the Society office if you have any problems submitting your report.) Report

Warren, Kim   Winter PC Schedule of events and Draft Agenda   (Please see the Schedule and Draft Agenda (Report) and note action items required.) Report

Warren, Kim   Report of the Strategy Committee: Interim Findings and Recommendations   (This Report summarises recommendations for means by which the Society might increase progress in development of the field. The report therefore considers the field as a whole, not solely the Society itself. The report’s scope is incomplete on some issues, but particularly so in regard to the consulting firms in the field and the providers of software and training services to the field. The actions required to implement the strategy are also incomplete, since they require input and support from those who might do so. The Policy Council is asked to accept the Report’s conclusions, recognising that most of the recommendations imply initiatives and efforts to be taken by certain officers and groups in the Society. Acceptance of the Report does not imply acceptance of decisions that would normally need to be submitted for PC approval Policy Council (PC) – notably new expenditures, the appointment of new Vice Presidents and changes to the role of SIGs. ) Report

Warren, Kim   Report on improvement of PC meetings   (At the Summer PC meeting, the Organisation & Bylaws Committee (Roberta, Brad and Bob) were asked to consider ways to make Policy Council Meetings more effective. Their report is attached for your information. I plan to accept most of the recommendations, with some small modifications. 1 - we will trial their proposal to hold short, regular online discussions between Officers of the Society so that we all know what each other is doing. When that is proved to be effective, we will open it up to the whole Policy Council. 2 - After discussion with Past President and President Elect, I plan to make the Winter PC the main time for discussing VP and Standing Committee Reports - a year-end "state of the Union" review and plans for the coming year. This is reflected in the Winter PC Agenda for Feb 12th.) Supporting

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