Pictures from the 2007 International System Dynamics Conference

Talent Show

Introduction: Drew Jones

Close The Loop: George Richardson, Andrew Ford, Brian Dangerfield, Joel Rahn and Alan Graham (Lyrics)
CTLBos07-1.JPG CTLBos07-2.JPG CTLBos07-3.JPG
CTLBos07-5.JPG CTLBos07-6.JPG CTLBos07-7.JPG
CTLBos07-8.JPG CTLNorway2000.JPG

Songs for the SD Conference 2007 - Lyrics: Drew Jones, Jack Homer
Performers: Drew Jones, Jack Homer, Dan Seville, Kris Wile, Nelson Repenning, John Sterman, Rogelio Oliva, Paulo Gonscalves and Bill Brown (Lyrics)
D073107_0213.JPG D073107_0214.JPG D073107_0217.JPG
D073107_0219.JPG D073107_0221.JPG D073107_0225.JPG
D073107_0228.JPG D073107_0230.JPG D073107_0232.JPG
D073107_0248.JPG D073107_0249.JPG D073107_0250.JPG

I'm a Believer (in SD): Diana Fisher and Bill Brown (Lyrics)
DF073107_0150.JPG DF073107_0151.JPG DF073107_0152.JPG DF073107_0153.JPG

Always look for the feedback in your life
Paulo Gonšalves, Andreas Gr÷▀ler, Ízge Pala and EtiŰnne Rouwette, (Lyrics)
E073107_0207.JPG E073107_0208.JPG E073107_0210.JPG
E073107_0211.JPG E073107_0212.JPG

Stocks and Flows - The Vegas Elvi:
Dan Andersen, Megan Hopper, Emy Laija, Stephanie Fincher and Krys Stave, (Lyrics)
EL073107_0185.JPG EL073107_0187.JPG EL073107_0188.JPG
EL073107_0190.JPG EL073107_0191.JPG EL073107_0193.JPG
EL073107_0194.JPG EL073107_0195.JPG EL073107_0196.JPG
EL073107_0245.JPG EL073107_0246.JPG ELP7300950.JPG

Causal Loop, Babe: Len Malczynski (Lyrics)
L073107_0199.JPG L073107_0200.JPG L073107_0202.JPG L073107_0204.JPG

A Comment! David Andersen

The Loops of Feedback: John Morecroft (Lyrics)
J073107_0156.JPG J073107_0157.JPG J073107_0158.JPG

A Norwegian stev summarizing the results of an experiment on alcohol Consumption:
Erling Moxnes (Lyrics)
EM073107_0163.JPG EM073107_0165.JPG EM073107_0166.JPG EM073107_0167.JPG

Martin Schaffernicht
M073107_0234.JPG M073107_0235.JPG M073107_0237.JPG M073107_0238.JPG

Nicholas Georgantzas, Yaman Barlas, Brian Dangerfield, George Papachristos and Evan Kats
N073107_0168.JPG N073107_0170.JPG N073107_0171.JPG
N073107_0172.JPG N073107_0180.JPG N073107_0181.JPG
N073107_0182.JPG X073107_0159.JPG X073107_0161.JPG
X073107_0162.JPG XP7300930.JPG XP7300931.JPG

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