Conference Proceedings

The 10th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
1992 Utrecht, Netherlands

The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel and plenary sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by Jac A. M. Vennix, Jan Faber, Wim J. Scheper and Cees A. Th. Takkenberg were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

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 PAPER INDEX - listed alphabetically by first author:

Aiszhu, Lu with Hu Zheng   An Oil-Field Planning Support System Based on System Based on System Dynamics
Akkermans, Henk    Participative Modeling to Support Strategic Decision Making in Operations - A Case Study
Amsyari, Fuad     Insertion of Input-Output Model into System Dynamic Approach
Aracil, Javier with Miguel Toro    Qualitative Behavior Associated to System Dynamics Influence Diagrams
Bakken, Bent E.     Frequency and Experiential Learning in Unstable Markers
Barlas, Yaman with Ibrahim Bayraktutar    An Interactive Simulation Game for Software Project Management (SOFTSIM)
Bean, Michael with Ernst W. Diehl, David P. Kreutzer    Strategy Simulation and Scenario Planning: An Application of Generic System Structures
Bingzheng, Yang with wu Xu Guang, Yang Futuau    Professional Training of Engineer on System Dynamics
Cavaleri, Steven A.    System Dynamics: A Form of the Integrative System Approach
Chan, Nguyen    Evolution Dynamics of Some Two-Phase Systems
Chen, Chun-Yu with Donp-Liang Hwang    Safety Promotion of Process Operations in the Chemical Process Industries
Corben, D.A. with E.F. Wolstenholme    As Hypermedia based Delphi Tool for Knowledge Acquisition in Model Building
Davidsen, Pål I.    The Structure-Behavior Diagram: Understanding the Relationship Between Structure and Behavior in Complex Dynamic Systems
Diehl, Ernst W.    The Model as a Lens: Combining Modeling and Data Support Systems to Aid in Executive Decision-Making
Di Stefano, Julia M.    Negotiating Needs: Using Cybernetics and Syntonics to Rewrite the Script
Dyner, Isaac with F. Javier Diaz S.    A Model for Management Modernization and Institutional Improvement
Faber, Jan with Wim Scheper    Taming the Decision Tide within Organizations: Some Theoretical Considerations and Experimental Results
Fey, Willard with Frank Spital    The Evaluation and Development of Knowledge Acquisition in System Dynamics Studies
Frechette, Henry M. Jr. with Frank Spital   Organization Design and the Dynamics of Performance over the Long Term
Giani, U. with A. Filosa   Is Thalassemia a Dynamical Disease?
Govindarajan, M.    System Dynamics and the Credibility Syndrome
Govindarajan, M.    Behavioural Dynamics and Marketing Technology-Based Products
Guangle, Yan    Structure Analysis of Complex Systems and its Application
Hall, Roger I.    Investigating Organizational Learning with a Corporate System Model Using Artificial Intelligence Procedures
Harten, Aart van    Decision Support for Storm Surge Barrier Control
Hu, G. Gary with Shih Hui Lo    Understanding Cyclical Pattern of Taiwan’s Housing Market: A System Dynamics Approach
Jacob, Fatima P.    The Management of Public Distribution System in India- A Dynamic Perspective (The Case of Tamil Nadu)
Jacobsen, Chanoch with Robert J. House    The Dynamics of Charismatic Leadership in Organizations
Jimenez, Salustriano with Isaac Dyner    Research and Development for Corporate Survival : A Case Study of a Brewery Corporation in Columbia
Kampmann, Christian with John D. Sterman    Do Markets Mitigate Misperceptions of Feedback in Dynamic Tasks?
Kaupe, Guido    SDACQUIRE A Tutorial for Imparting the Methodical Foundations of System Dynamics
Kemeny, Jennnifer M. with W. Brian Kreutzer   An Archetype Based Management Team Flight Simulator
Kim, Daniel H. with Gary Burchill   System Archetypes as a Diagnostic Tool: A Field-based Study of TQM Implementations
Kleijnen, Jack P.C    Sensitivity Analysis of System Dynamics Models: Regression Analysis and Statistical Design.
Kreutzer, W. Brian with David P Kreutzer, Janet M. Gould    The Quahog Oil Production Simulator: A Case Study of the Rapid Development of a Management Flight Simulator for Training
Lane, David C.    Observing the Process: Reflections On Issue Selection And Model Conceptualisation In A Case Study Concerning The Dynamics Of Programmer Recruitment
Lara-Carrero, Lorenzo with Arturo Bencosme, Rodger Farrell, Racquel Benbunan    Viasa’s Microworld: A Strategic Management Learning Laboratory
Roche, U. La    System Dynamics Analysis, a Prototyping Tool for Production System Design
Litwin, George H. with Kathleen Lusk Brooke, T.R. Nelson    The Dynamics of Diversity
Liz, Manuel with Margarita Vazquez    The System Dynamics Concepts of Model<
Macedo, Julio with Rafael Ruiz Usano    An Expert System for Conceiving Company Wide Quality Control Strategies
Maier, Frank H.    R&D Strategies and the Diffusion of Innovations
Marble, Robert P.    A Stage – Theoretic Approach to Information Systems Planning in Existing Business Entities of Recently Established Market Economies
Crespo Marquez, Adolfo with Rafael Ruiz Usano    New Production Planning Systems: A System Dynamics Perspective
Mashayekhi, Ali Naghi    From Static Picture to a Dynamic Problem Definition
Mojtahedzadeh, Mohammad T.    A Dynamic Model for Development Planning in an Arid Area
Mojtahedzadeh, Mohammad T. with Mohammad Kazemeyneen, Hamideh Azizkhan    Renal Stone Model System Dynamics Approach
Mora, J.C. with R.S Bes    Cross Analysis of Dynamic Modelling of an Economical Energy System and a Dissipative Physical System
Morecroft, John D.W.    Design of a Learning Environment. The Oil Producers’ Microworld
Morita, Michiya with Nobuhide Tanaka    A Simulation Analysis for Renovation of the Hierarchical Structure
Moxnes, Erling    Continuous Models and Discrete Time Series Data
Moxnes, Erling    Cartel Behaviour in Commodity Markets
Onn, Shing-Chung with Kuang-Horng Wang, Jen-Ko Wei, Tai-Hwa Hor    Numerical Stimulation of a New Correlation Function for the Climatic Statistical Structure of the Height Dynamic Field
Postma, Th. J. B. M. with M.T.Smits, S. Terpstra, C.A. Th. Takkenberg    Personnel Planning in Health Care: An Example in the Field Of Rheumatology
Pujantiyo, Bambang S. with Yoshio Hanzawa & Atsushi Fukuda    A Policy Support Model for the Scheduling Transportation Projects
Radzicki, Michael J.    MicroWorlds and Evolutionary Economics
Radzicki,Michael J. with W. Scott Trees    An Institutional Dynamics Approach to the Study of Peace and World Order
Raynolds, Peter A. with Gennie H. Raynolds    Jog Your Right Brain (JOG): A Case Study in Knowledge Elicitation and Evaluation
Rego, Juan C.    Dynamics of the Stabilization Process after Argentine Hyperinflation in 1985
Reinhardt, Rüdiger with Ulrich Schweiker    Building Learning Organizations: Implementing Organizational Learning Processes, and the Theory of Self-Referential Systems
Reszat, Beate    Dissipation and Chaos in Foreign Exchange Markets
Richardson, George P. with David F. Andersen, John Rohrbaugh, William Steinhurst    Group Model Building
Roberts, Carole with Brian Dangerfield    Estimating the Parameters of an AIDS Spread Model Using Optimisation Software: Results for Two Countries Compared
de Rooij, A.    Does System-Dynamics Limit The Growth Of System-Dynamics?
Saeed, Khalid with N.L. Bach    Chaos out of Stiff Models
Saeed, Khalid    Slicing a Complex Problem for System Dynamics Modelling
Schweiker, Ulrich with Rüdiger Reinhardt    Implementing Organizational Learning Processes vs. Top Down Approaches
Sedehi, Habib    System Dynamics for Budget Planning Evaluation in Public Environments
Seeger, John A.    “Open” Systems, Closed Minds
Senge, Peter M.    You Can’t Get There from Here: Why Systems Thinking is Inseparable from Learning Organizations
Shimada, Tosiro with Hirokazu Mizushima, Takahiro Kojima, Koichiro Okumura    Innovation Effect on the Model for Dental Diseases
Shoukath, Ali K. with N. Ramaswamy    Catastrophic Behaviour in System Dynamics Model for Blood Bank Management
Toro, M. with J.J. Arrabal, L.Romero    Piecewise Linear Analysis of an Influence Diagram
Tu, Yi-Ming with Naeyi Shiao    Integration of System Dynamics and Rule Based Reasoning Mechanism
Tu, Yi-Ming with Ching-Yee Young    A Study on the System Dynamics Modeling of Business Technology Management Decision Support System
Vázquez, Margarita with Miguel A. Quintanilla & Bruno Maltrás    The Spanish Research and Development System: a Model for the Equilibrium Conditions Between the Offer and the Demand of New Researchers
Walter, John P. with Carol Lopilato    An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Socio- Economic Simulation: Application to the Economic Integration of Europe
Wang, Sy-Feng with Showing H. Young    A Preliminary Experiment on Examining Thinking in a Meta-Dynamic Decision Making Environment
Wang, Qifan with Xu Bo    Inner Mechanism of Corporations and How to Incite Their Vigour
Wang, Qifan with Xiaobo Zhang    The Study of the Raw Materials Industry Development in China by Using a Combined Approach of Qualitative & Quantitative Methods
Wang, Qifan with Zheng Shaolian, Fu Xinhua    System Diagnosis & Evaluation and Study of Management Techniques & Methods Application in Corporations
Wang, Qifan with Jin Yin    Primary Factors Dominating the Development & Changes of a Metropolis
Wang, Xiaoting with Limin Song    Dominant Structure Analysis: Another Approach
Wijnhoven, Fons    Model Management by Means of Computer-Based Information Systems in Managerial Contexts
Wittenberg, Jason with John D. Sterman    Modeling the Dynamics of Scientific Revolutions
Wolpert, Arlen    Application of System Dynamics to the Study of a Religious Experience
Young, Showing H. with Jenshou Yang, Sy Feng Wang    Enhancing the Learning Effects of Dynamic Decision Game on Systems Thinking-An Experimental Study
Zhen, Fang    A Study of Energy Supply and Demand System on Village Level

1992 Proceedings Supplement

Chevalley, Thierry F.D.    Central Europe: From Central Command Economies to Free Markets
O’Neill, Kevin    Market Structures, Trading Strategies, and Feedback: Rethinking Neoclassical Price Discovery
O’Neill, Kevin    Real-Time Tragedies: A Simulated “Commons Learning Laboratory”
Qinling, Zhang with Zhang Baoping   Pansystems Theory and Automatic Causality Reasoning in System Dynamics
Weil, Henry Birdseye with William J. Dalton   Risk Management in Complex Projects

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