The 2014 Summer Policy Council Meeting

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These reports were presented at the 2014 Summer Policy Council Meeting and are listed alphabetically by the last name of the reporter. Reports are Acrobat® (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat® Reader® softward available from Supporting material may be provided.


Andersen, David   VP Finance Report   (2013 was a good year financially for the System Dynamics Society. We posted a net income of $167,688 and our overall equity grew from $1,093,591 at the opening of our fiscal year to $1,261,278 at the close of the fiscal year. The Society’s financial position for 2013 was helped by a good showing at the Cambridge conference. Our budget for 2015 projects a Net Ordinary Income loss of $83,130. However, I have budgeted for an expected Investment Income of $98,504 so that our overall Net Income will be a net gain of $15,374. The Society’s budget for 2015 has three line items being supported with investment income—(1) Awards (Dana Meadows and Forrester), (2) the PhD Luncheon, and (3) Chapter Development Fund. These lines in the budget come to $28,500 out of our investment income. ) Report

Andersen, David   Community Service Award Committee Report   (No Outstanding Service Award was given in 2013. The work has been done to give the award in 2014. Roberta Spencer’s term expires December 31, 2014. The other members of the committee, Robert Eberlein, Andrew Ford, Peter Milling and I, unanimously agreed to ask Roberta to continue as a member of the committee for another 5 year term – 2015-2019. Past Service Award Recipients: 2012, Peter Milling; 2011, David Andersen and George Richardson; 2009, Andrew Ford; 2005, Robert Eberlein; 1997, Alexander L. Pugh, III. )  Link from authors

Anderson, Edward   Nominating Committee New Appointment for 2014-2017   (I have been in conversations with the other members of the Nominating Committee and we have agreed that Sharon Els from PA Consulting would be an excellent member for the upcoming staggered three-year term of the Nominating Committee for the August 2014 to July 2017 appointment. I also spoke with Sharon and she is prepared and willing to serve. Formal Motion: Approve the appointment of Sharon Els to the Nominating Committee for the term of 8/2014 - 7/2017. ) Report

Anderson, Edward   Standing Committee Appointments for 2015-2017 Formal Motion: Approve the makeup of all Standing Committees as listed in the Standing Committees Table, including the new appointments of, or reappointments of the proposed members for the term 1/2015 to 12/2017.  Notes on supporting material: See the report: Report

Cooper, Kenneth   VP Professional Practice Report   (This report calls for a new initiative in developing serious System Dynamics practitioners. There are three basic elements to be included, and they are intertwined with one another in this plan: Expansion of the success stories of system dynamics; Establishment of a de facto academic-commercial alliance; Development of “top-gun schools”—a previously rare level of mentoring at commercial firms practicing system dynamics. The three elements must and can work together. ) Report

Hovmand, Peter   System Dynamics Society 2014 Summer Policy Council Meeting Marketing & Communications Report   (The report summarize marketing and communications activities for the first six months. The focus has been on developing an initial marketing plan and identifying/organizing people who can help with VP of marketing and communications. The 2014 plan calls for 1) developing a proposal for a magazine, 2) designing and conducting an online survey to assess the distribution of demand for SD and SD workforce, 3) inventory existing communication channels (public and private), and 4) develop "talking points". Additionally, the report recommends and seeks supports from the PC in 1) starting regular online VP meetings, 2) developing a process for certifying models, 3) discontinuing publication of proceedings, 4) support in constructing a sampling frame for the survey, 5) recommendations of marketing firms for a 2015 survey, and 6) nominations/volunteers for the ad-hoc committee to develop a proposal for a magazine. ) Report

Richardson, George   Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Conference Proceeding   (In 2013, Kim Warren as President of the Society appointed an ad hoc committee consisting of Bob Eberlein (VP for Electronic Presence), Len Malczynski (VP Meetings), and George Richardson (VP Publications) to consider changes to way our conference proceedings are handled. In the end, Len Bob, and I concluded that the proper course of action is to continue with conference proceedings largely as we have had them in the past, reproducing all abstracts and papers presented at the conference, but contained not in a printed document or on CD but rather maintained on the Society web site as Web Proceedings. ) Report

Spencer, Roberta   2014 Summer Policy Council Meeting   (The agenda and details of this meeting will be distributed soon.) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Delft Conference Brief Facts and Figures   (Here is a brief overview of the Delft Conference.) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Annual Report on Home Office Operations for Fiscal Year 2013   (See full Annual Report on Home Office Operations for Fiscal Year 2013) Report

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