Abstract for: Critical Success Factors for Health and Safety Performance Indicators for Construction Project Performance Diagnostics

Proper management of health and safety has been a recurring challenge in the Nigerian construction industry where stakeholders have been accused of ineffective implementation of the health and safety scheme and regulation. This nonperformance of health and safety requires an investigation into factors that could determine the success of health and safety of construction project performance. Current literature on construction project performance has not been able to adequately treat the CSFs for health and safety as a performance indicator for construction projects. The study determines the CSFs for health and safety performance indicators for construction project performance for improved decision-making in the context of diagnosing construction project performance. The data for this research were collected through a literature review, interviews, and survey questionnaires in a form of data generation triangulation. A total of Hundred and ninety-four (194) responses were collated as properly completed, giving a 57 percent acceptable response rate with subject-to-item ratios of above 5:1 thus acceptable for the required factor analyses. Two components of CSFs for Health and Safety performance indicators were found which include Effective Finance of Site Management for Health Safety Implementation, and Capacity of Contractor for Project Management and Safety Programme.