Abstract for: Using Rigorously-Interpreted Quotation Analysis to Evaluate the Integration of Primary Care and Behavioral Health

System conceptualization in system dynamics studies is increasingly based in text analysis methods. Several recently-developed tools which are designed for use in system dynamics studies are now widely used. This paper describes a case study which uses the Rigorously-Interpreted Quotation (RIQ) Analysis method including a detailed description of how it was operationalized to develop, and evaluate causal loop diagrams (CLDs). The study considered the diverse ways that active-duty military healthcare settings implemented an intervention to integrate mental health with primary medical care, known as the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model. There are tradeoffs associated with our operationalization of RIQ analysis in the context of a process evaluation case study, which we reflect on and discuss. With this approach, we developed CLDs which provide valuable insights into the complex implementation of the PCBH model. Some implications of these tradeoffs for RIQ Analysis in system dynamics research studies are discussed, and future research directions are suggested.