Abstract for: System Dynamics in Ireland; Past, Present and Future Research and Education Opportunities

The research aims to identify System Dynamics courses available at the 3rd level in Ireland and will explore associated research undertaken within this modelling method. This will provide an understanding of the existing research conducted in Ireland and identify potential gaps for future research opportunities. A thematic analysis synthesising System Dynamics modelling research in Ireland was developed for the papers extracted. This provides for a new interpretive schema and configuration. The research found that undergraduate and postgraduate level courses in computational and mathematical modelling are available in higher education institutions in Ireland. Still, no exit degree courses are available by name, i.e., System Dynamics modelling. Skills in this modelling paradigm are challenging to find and will be required to build a qualified workforce for the future. Stand-alone System Dynamics, exit degree courses, may be needed for a contemporary curriculum design and the delivery of effective STEM education in Ireland.