Abstract for: Connecting Whole of Nation Systems Archetypes to a Global Perspective Using Artificial Intelligence Driven Simulation 

As the global geopolitical situation grows, the United States has experienced political, economic, and military change, with the corresponding systems becoming more complex overtime. System dynamics provides eight system archetypes which can be used to describe the behavior of a complex system. Using the whole of a nation approach, system archetypes have been identified. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have increasingly been applied to identify parameters and quantitative relationships within complex dynamical systems. With the power of AI and ML in python and the implementation of systems dynamics we have been able to quantitatively identify parameters and relationships of systems archetypes with publicly available historical data. Via a graphical user interface (GUI), we have demonstrated the importance of identifying national system archetype situations and training a model with the national archetypal data to take steps to ameliorate the identified situation.