Abstract for: What are the competencies of an outstanding En ROADS facilitator? Ambassador Potential Index

In general, the time and resources available to an organization are limited, which leads to a question of efficiency in the use of resources to achieve the goals of the organization. [1] Training new En ROADS facilitators takes time and scarce resources, therefore our objective is to help to prioritize the use of resources.[2] [3] According to the People Capability Model 2.0, “Staffing is positioned as the primary process area …… because staffing decisions provide an organization’s greatest opportunities to influence performance. All other practices designed to improve the capability of the workforce must start from the baseline of talent brought into positions in the organization” [4] In order to improve staffing decisions, we have created the Ambassador Potential Index, a selection tool with a logarithmic index to focus our work on the most promising candidates. The predictions of the index will be checked against the number of workshops and the number of participants in the workshops carried out to study whether the results are correlated with the scale created by the index. An important aspect is the quality of learning of the participants in the workshops organized by the newly trained facilitators.