Abstract for: CO2-oriented Transformation of the Industry to Meet German Climate Protection Targets

In order to meet the requirements of the Federal Climate Protection Act and the Paris Climate Agreement, the industrial sector in Germany must be climate-neutral by 2045, considering the remaining emissions budget. This work in progress paper deals with the development of a System Dynamic model for the analysis of CO2-oriented transformation pathways of industrial sectors. As main levers to mitigate CO2 emission, the areas of electrical energy supply from renewable energies, defossilization of the thermal energy supply, efficient and carbon neutral use of resources, and offsetting measures are considered. In addition, important feedback structures between energy consumption and supply, CO2 emission and compliance, pressure to mitigate CO2 emissions, deployment of renewable energy capacity, customer response to industry mitigation efforts, and the evolution of operating costs, revenues, and the investment budget are regarded. The model should be used to test the effectiveness and efficiency of various investment policies for the abatement of CO2 emissions.