Abstract for: The Improvement of the Operational efficiencies in the Minibus Taxis Industry

The Minibus Taxi Industry is plagued with violence, un-roadworthy and unsafe vehicles. Although the government has made numerous efforts to formalize and regulate the sector, the industry remains unregulated and unofficial (Mashamaite, 2013). As the industry is not properly integrated into South Africa's public transportation infrastructure, this impacts the operational performance of minibus taxis. Nowadays, there is intense competition between those with operating licenses and those without (Mashamaite, 2013). To ensure that the industry functions in accordance with South African law and to prevent organized violence within the industry that endangers commuters, substantial police action is required. This paper presents the work-in-progress of a study that aims to use Systems Dynamics as a tool to advise on what can be done to formalise and regulate the minibus taxi industry in order for it to participate fully and formally in the country's public transport system in order to improve the operational performance of the industry.