Abstract for: Mapping Climate Change, Humanitarian Operations, and the Sustainable Development Goals Interplay

Climate change exacerbates disasters, significantly hindering efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). When disaster impacts exceed the capacity of affected communities to recover, humanitarian operations (HO) provide short-term responses and long-term development interventions. Therefore, this research aims to unpack the interconnections between SDG 13 (Climate Action) and the other SDGs to leverage policies to combat the impacts of Climate Change (CC), emphasizing HO policies. Considering that the CC-SDG-HO triad is interdependent and dynamically complex, we adopt System Dynamics as a methodology. The findings are encapsulated in a causal loop diagram. We are undertaking a Systematic Literature Review to document insights from papers and compile an exhaustive list of existing paths connecting the CC-SDG-HO triad. The results contribute to the knowledge of sustainable development and humanitarian operations, which will serve as a foundation for follow-on studies.