Abstract for: Limits to Success of the Individualization Business Model in Digital Textile Micro Factories

The fashion industry is witnessing the emergence of Digital Textile Micro Factories (DTMFs), which are disrupting the sector through their digital capabilities. DTMFs can support various business models, including individualization, which is becoming increasingly popular among consumers who seek unique and sustainable products. DTMFs can efficiently produce customized products in small lots with high quality and customer interaction. This study aims to assess the viability of the individualization business model in the context of DTMFs. Using system dynamics modeling, the study examines the structure of the business model to identify any potential shortcomings or barriers that may arise during the growth stage, such as the potential limits to growth due to the stagnation of critical resources like design service support. The study's results contribute to the industry by helping firms make informed decisions when considering implementing the individualization business model based on DTMF processes. The study also adds to the literature on system dynamics by presenting a specific case of limits to growth in the field of business models. Overall, the adoption of DTMFs and the individualization business model presents significant opportunities for the fashion industry, and this study provides insights to help firms capitalize on these opportunities.