Abstract for: Exploring the Influence of Learning Analytics and Interactive Multimedia Experiences on Student Learning Experience

This research focused on investigating the impact of Learning Analytics (LA) and Interactive Multimedia Experiences (EMI) on student learning. It aimed to explore the connection between user experience and learning outcomes while identifying feedback loops to enhance both user experience and learning outcomes. Previous studies on the effectiveness of LA in improving student retention have produced conflicting results, highlighting the need for further research to fully comprehend their influence. The study also examined the relationship between multimedia elements, such as their quantity and quality, and their effects on learning outcomes. A dynamic hypothesis was formulated to establish a connection between LA, EMI, and the learning experience, taking into account teacher enthusiasm. To investigate student learning in a real-world scenario, the study employed group modeling and system dynamics (GM/SD). This integrated approach provides valuable insights into the interrelationships of educational decisions and can guide more informed data-driven decision-making. Additionally, GM/SD can function as an effective tool for automating data-driven decisions and enhancing students' learning experiences in multimedia projects.