Abstract for: Data Management and Calibration with Stella (Parts I and II)

This workshop will provide a practical introduction to using Stella to organize and use data as part of model development and validation. It will demonstrate ways to consolidate data from disparate sources at different levels of aggregation to something that can be used in a single model by combining results from several models. The process of calibration with this data will then be taught. Attendees will come away with an appreciation of how to organize and use time series data in model development as well as a number Excel, csv, and Stella files that provide organizational examples for their own work. Time permitting, different techniques for combining optimization and sensitivity analysis will also be discussed. The workshop will be largely practical and does not require any background in statistics. Participants should either have mechanical familiarity with Stella or conceptual familiarity with data and models based on other tools to get the most out of the workshop. There are no reading or advanced preparation requirements. Participants should bring their own computers, either Macintosh or Windows. A link for installing the software will be available on the conference website as well as during the workshop.