Abstract for: Equation is not Causation

This poster presentation aims do draw attention to a potential use of stock-flow diagrams in infusing systems thinking approach into K-12 education. Although it's quite inherent in stock-flow thinking, probably because of it, the ease of seeing causality in stock-flow diagrams is seemed not to be utilized to its full potential. The main reason for this might be the emphasis of the field on endogenous behaviour giving way to presedence to feedback thinking over stock-flow thinking. The suggestion is put forward with a very well known, mathematically correct but structurally open to misunderstanding formula: Force = mass x acceleration. Simply put; acceleration is caused by force and mass (not the other ways around). Understanding this causality is vitally important as most of classical mechanics builds on this relation. It's proposed that fundamental equations of physics (like Ohm's Law, Gas Law etc.) can first be visually then numerically constructed with stock-flow diagrams to scaffold students in K-12 education.