Abstract for: System Dynamics Review: A Bibliometric Analysis

Year 2022 marks the 38th anniversary of System Dynamics Review (SDR), which was launched in April 1985. An analysis of SDR bibliometrics between 1985 and 2022 is the goal of this study. A Scopus database is used to collect and analyze SDR's publications. The authors reviewed 617 documents using Bibilioshny of RStudio , VOSviewer, and Microsoft Excel. SDR's publication performance has remained stable over the last two decades, but its citations have declined. According to network analysis, topics including "system analysis," "modelling," and "numerical modelling" have become more popular. According to a bibliographic coupling analysis, the key issues covered by SDR fall into four broad groups: modelling approach, computer simulations, and numerical model; teaching, research, and performance evaluation; Optimization, parameterization and algorithm; and Eurasia and Europe. In addition to providing an overview of SDR publication and citation trends, this study also provides a detailed thematic description of SDR publications. Keywords: System dynamics, bibliometric analysis, system dynamics review