Abstract for: System analysis of deforestation in the Colombian Amazon: Impacts of cattle ranching on biodiversity and food security

Since the end of a 60-year conflict in Colombia, large areas of forest have been rapidly converted to agricultural uses, most recently cattle ranching, suggesting the peace agreement presents a threat to the conservation of the country’s rainforest. We aim to elucidate the impact of systems science based and stakeholder participatory group modelling processes to understand and explore linkages between deforestation and resulting biodiversity impacts in connection with cattle ranching practices that can be a significant driving force of land transformations. We based on the assumption that understanding the complex human-nature system interactions requires systems approach. In search of the creation for integrative approaches to recognize and address the full range of land use, forest governance, biodiversity, climate mitigation and adaptation, and food security interconnections, for planning of future concerning nexus in national and regional relevant policies.