Abstract for: Online Multiplayer Experiments

Online multiplayer experiments are challenging to conduct, particularly impacting the study of fields that depend on an interaction between subjects. This is the case for common-pool resource (CPR) settings, where resource scarcity arises as a number of actors compete for resources. While the extant literature either simplified the CPR setting for one subject or developed in-presence experiments, we detail how to make use of online platforms and crowdsourcing for advancing research. In this study, we show the step-by-step process to manage different tools and software packages to develop and integrate the qualification test, multiplayer game, and data processing steps. We also shed light on several obstacles, including handling several players simultaneously, keeping them engaged, and avoiding player mischievousness. This allows us to carefully document all the necessary parts to carry out online multiplayer experiments and to lead the way for future research to explore this type of experiment design overcoming critical research barriers.