Abstract for: Study on Impact Evaluation of Introducing Policies to Realize Urban Consolidation by Using MARS: Case Study of Niigata, Japan

Even low carbon society is one of solution to tackle with global warming problem, it is very difficult to realize such society because we have to employ all of policy measures in order to reduce huge amount of CO2. Thus, efficient roadmaps which show timing and combination of policy measures should be establish to realize low carbon society. This paper attempts to set up such road map for Niigata city and its vicinities in Japan by using Metropolitan Activity Relocation Simulator, or so-called MARS in which land use and transport interactions was basically simulated by using the system dynamic model. On simulation, timing and combination to implement land use and transport-related policies such as new public transport and land use restricted on CO2 emission was tested. These obtained information are can help the city officers to achieve the appropriate policy strategies so as to realize low carbon society.