Abstract for: Transitional Dynamics of the Mind (from the Yoga-sutra)

Various forms of Yoga now flourishing in the West limit their promise to fit bodies and superior concentration abilities. However, this falls far short of Yoga’s traditional goals. Yoga originated in pre-historic India but was compiled into a systematic text 1700 years ago. The promise of transcendental bliss, through systematic physical, moral and psychological discipline - ending in the highest state of consciousness is rarely demonstrated. To understand the difficulty of transitioning into alternate states of consciousness, we investigate the process descriptions about the functioning of the mind in the YS; it asserts they are needed for transition into higher states of consciousness. We present the dynamics of such transitions by building and simulating a SD model. We explain why it can be really difficult for most aspirants to do a sustained transition into higher states of consciousness; we show what aspirants should do to eventually attain the highest goals.