Abstract for: The Effect of Information Design and Presentation on Decision-Making Strategies and Performance in a Dynamic Environment

Information design and presentation in a Management flight simulator is relevant to people interacting with it to grasp the complexities in the underlying model. This study examines the effects of information design and presentation on people´s decision-making strategies and performance in a complex non-repetitive decision-making environment. A two-treatment approach where the same information but different design interfaces for treatment 1 and treatment 2 was provided to subjects in treatments 1 and 2 respectively in order to determine whether there will be significantly different performance levels in the two treatments. Results suggest that information design and presentation plays an important role in achieving better overall performance. In order to reduce the decision-making challenges in complex dynamic environment, and adopt near-optimal strategies for maximum performance, the information organization, design, and display/presentation is very essential for logical decision strategies and increased performance. Further studies should consolidate the findings of this study by taking cognizance of the limitations outlined in this study.