Abstract for: System Thinking Analysis of Adolescent Obesity

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to develop a causal loop diagram for adolescent obesity based on the systems thinking approach. Methods Establish a conceptual framework and review factors that determine adolescent obesity, through domestic and overseas papers. Identify factors and various causalities that determine adolescent obesity and analyze them within a system confirmed in preceding studies. The Vensim DSS 5.0 program was used for the development of causal loop models. Results: A causal loop diagram was created based on past study papers. The full causal loop diagram is composed of 33 variables and 58 causal links. . The basic core loop is made up of one negative loop and three positive loops. Conclusion: Through this study, it was possible to identify that factors related to teen obesity are complexly connected, and that systems closely interact with environments. The next study will discuss the most effective policy for the prevention and management of teen obesity by building a stock-flow diagram and conducting simulations based on the causal loop diagram of teen obesity.