Abstract for: Model Building of Manufacturing SMEs of New Energy Technologies by Focusing on System Archetypes

This study employs general system archetypes to the purpose of identifying problems which hinder fulfilling orders quickly and serving more customers in Iranís manufacturing SMEs in wind and solar energy. In order to better understand the system structures, the problems and its consequences, causal loop diagrams and dynamic modeling are applied. Some archetypes related to inventory supply, technology design, technology manufacturing, and technology maintenance are illustrated in accordance with the archetypes of shifting the burden, success to successful, and accidental adversaries. Besides, causal loop diagrams and a general dynamic model are proposed with regard to the functions of absorbing customers and marketing, technological innovation, technology manufacturing, and technology maintenance which are related to the identified system archetypes. For choosing the firms, non-random - accessibility sampling method is used and two SMEs are selected. The results show that existing patterns of behavior reduce the budget, performance of each function and company, customer satisfaction, reputation of the company, and the number of potential customer and customer base. It is proposed that company should focus on the fundamental solutions, higher level goals including the success of all functions, and collaboration based on aligning organizational aims, values and priorities between functions.