Abstract for: Sensitivity Analysis of Government Policies Implementation on Mobility of Indonesian Students Abroad

Increasing number of students pursuing education abroad has caused the decreasing number of intellectual workers in Indonesia due to remaining graduates abroad, and in effect slows down the economic development in Indonesia. The government needs to improve its policies in order to attract graduates abroad to return to Indonesia and hence increase the development of Indonesia in general. This paperís purposes are to model the mechanism of mobility of students and to run simulation of policy scenarios to determine the effects on Indonesiaís condition in the future. After running base scenario simulation, four scenarios (increase in scholarship, incentives for returning graduates, incentives for patents produced in Indonesia, and increase in funding for Indonesia universities) are conducted to determine the long term projection. The results from four scenarios have different significant changes on areas depending on which intention of stocks that the government would like to change in the future. This model can be utilized in the future by Indonesia government and because this model is flexible, the government can change the parameters according to viewpoint and interest. Keywords : students, undergraduate, graduate, international, intellectual workers, Indonesia