Abstract for: Russian Chapter Roundtable and Annual Meeting

This meeting is intended as a forum for exchanging opinions and building partnership. Members of the SD group created in National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia, Moscow) will share their experience of using system dynamics in education, research and consulting projects in corporate and government administration. System dynamics is actively used in innovative educational programs taught at Schools of Management, Logistics and Business Informatics in Higher School of Economics. Russian SD group works with Anylogic Company, a vendor of simulation software, allowing to create hybrid models, using system dynamics, discrete-event and agent-based models. Cooperation in the field of education and science, including creation of masters programs and research centers with international participation is important for the Russian SD community. Most popular applications of simulation in Russia are industrial projects and policy research in economics and social care. The Russian Chapter of the SDS was formed in 2006 with participation of leading Russian universities. It participates in SDS Conferences since 2008. More information can be found on www.sysdynamics.ru (in Russian). All the interested parties are welcome to participate. For additional information, please contact Natalia Lychkina: nlychkina@hse.ru. at the National Research University Higher School of Economics.