Abstract for: Tips and Techniques for Harnessing the Power of Stock and Flow Thinking: Lessons learned from our work with policymakers

Policymakers are challenged with analyzing complex information in ways that simplify the detailed complexity to develop the dynamic insights required to make effective policies. The tools of system dynamics are well suited to address this challenge. At the 2014 ISDC, the Georgia Health Policy Center presented an overview of various tools used in their Legislative Health Policy Certificate Program, including conversational systems thinking, stock and flow maps, and both simple and sophisticated models. This session focuses on one of the most high leverage and often underutilized tools: stock and flow maps. During the seven years of this program, the GHPC has learned several important tips and techniques that make it easier for individuals and groups to use stock and flow maps to facilitate a process of rigorous learning. In this session you will learn these tips and techniques, including things to avoid, if you wish to harness the power of stock and flow thinking. Further, attendees will receive a few examples of maps and exercises from the field of health policy.