Abstract for: Using Systems Thinking to Shift Mindsets- A Fortune 500 Company's Multi-year Journey

Across the globe, societies are operating in an environment of turbulence, uncertainty, and rapid change. Organizations across the spectrum face a critical challenge attracting, developing and retaining talented people capable of meeting varied and dynamic challenges. Learn how a large financial services company leveraged the system dynamics methodology to gain uncommon insights and solutions to address this challenge. We describe how the keys to building a system dynamics based learning capacity include making use of the full range of system dynamics and systems thinking tools from causal loop diagramming, mental models, dialogue, systems archetypes, and stock and flow diagramming to simulation modeling. We also explore how the model and the modeling process is the vehicle for challenging current thinking and assumptions. The primary focus of the process and all systems tools is to ultimately engage leaders in having different conversations than might be usual about important and puzzling issues. Building collective intelligence about how the system works enabled company decision makers to make wise choices that will make a real difference. We provide examples of how we used the system dynamics approach and share lessons learned to guide your organizations journey.