Abstract for: Culture Dynamics

The authors present one embodiment of culture focused upon the integration of any organizationís two fundamental concerns for success: people and results, we selected an established behavioral science theory of leadership pioneered by Drs. Robert Blake and Jane Mouton at the University of Texas and developed during three subsequent decades, we will refer to its core structure as the B&M model. A System Dynamics model of B&M has been built and tested using actual corporate information and executive experiences. Resource productivity increases when concern for results and concern for people are integrated into management to effect teamwork and synergistic performance. B&M found observable and controllable attributes of direction, that are able to improve performance, by applying behavioral science and psychological concepts to connect organizational issues, B&M model provides a systematic, controllable-variables based interventions and measurable progress in cultural transformations. The authorsí System Dynamics model of B&M dynamics (BMD) simulates qualitative and quantitative cultural attributes as defined in B&M theory, along with a few additional variables from emergent culture theories. B&MD Model reproduces many of the practical results reported by B&M, provides insights into performance management, and introduces an approach to represent qualitative cultural transformations that heretofore have been considered unquantifiable.