Abstract for: Dynamic Balanced Scorecard: Taking stock and looking ahead

The Dynamic Balanced Scorecard is an extension of the widely used Balanced Scorecard com-bining elements of the Balanced Scorecard method of Kaplan and Norton and System Dynam-ics. The objective of developing a Dynamic Balanced Scorecard is to provide practitioners with a method for formulating more robust strategies and achieve sustainable success. Research on the development of a Dynamic Balanced Scorecard is currently fragmented. Following a sys-tematic literature review we present the state of current research and elicit a typology of differ-ent Dynamic Balanced Scorecard designs. We subsequently compare the types to features de-rived from both the Balanced Scorecard and System Dynamics and identify elements in devel-opment and areas of lack thereof. The resulting conceptual model produces a standardization as basis for further development, expands on existing features and develops missing features of a Dynamic Balanced Scorecard.