Abstract for: Business SIG Annual Meeting

Since the inaugural meeting of Business SIG on July 24, 2013 during the 31st International System Dynamics Conference in Cambridge, MA, several initiatives have been proposed and pursued in collaboration with the Society, SIG members, and other organizations including iseeSystems and Leverage Networks. Our active initiatives include: 1. Contributing to the Society’s Strategic Planning Model 2. Expansion of the Case Repository and improvements in its accessibility 3. Development and promotion of success stories in the application of System Dynamics to business problems, intended for audiences outside the System Dynamics community 4. Creation of a new membership category for corporates and organizations, which will be similar in outline to that adopted by a number of other professional societies 5. Development of the System Dynamics (SDX), conceptually similar to the MATLAB File Exchange, to facilitate the exchange of models, modules, molecules, function libraries, and other modeling resources. Additional features like a talent roster, job/project board, user groups as well as training programs, mentorship and internship opportunities will help foster communication and collaboration across the Society, SIGs, Chapters, and those interested in learning more about System Dynamics.