Abstract for: Psychology SIG Roundtable and Annual Meeting

The Psychology SIG studies ways to better integrate psychological and sociological constructs into system dynamics models. These constructs can lead to better understanding of the causes of many problems. They can also be used in simulation models that explore social science theories with the hope of generating new research questions, identifying impactful policies, and subsequently guiding program implementation and evaluation. The SIG is concerned with ways to use these constructs in formulating, simulating and validating models. To satisfy these activities the SIG supports networking, education, collaborative modeling projects, and manuscript/modeling consultation and review. The roundtable will consist of three segments. During the first (and longest) segment Alan Gaynor, as our guest speaker will discuss his experience modeling "soft variables." If possible, please review a summary of his material (i.e., School Dynamics Model, and Child Development Model) before our meeting. It is included as supplementary material. During the next segment we will discuss our recent work: “Modeling Psychological and Sociological Dynamics”, which will also be offered more experientially as a four-hour conference workshop. We conclude by suggesting new problems to explore, areas where members can collaborate, and our plans during the year.